Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Work Related Personal Injury Guidance

Certain jobs expose people to more danger than other jobs. People in certain sectors of employment are placed in constant daily danger. Think of those working on oil rigs, of those deep sea trawler men, of those logging. People that do those sorts of jobs chance their lives every second of every working hour. It is understandable then that these types of workers suffer the odd work related personal injury. That is not to say though that inherent dangers exist within every job. The reason? Where there is negligence there is personal injury risk.

The amount of compensation that a person gets is never relative to the level of danger involved in the type of job that they do. The reason being that the type of injury that a person suffers is not always relative to the type of job that they do. For instance if a person works in a factory that chops up wood then they are not definitely going to suffer an injury that involves losing a limb. They may simply trip over something that should not be where it is and damage a limb in a far less profound manner. In the same way a person working in a playgroup isn't necessarily going to suffer nothing worse than a child getting up quickly and connecting with the personas face in some way. They may get assaulted badly by ten or fifteen precocious rapscallions.

Next we turn to bosses and the misplaced sense of loyalty that people often have in relation to not wanting to file for personal injury as a result of not wanting their boss to be out of pocket. Of course this is very much an ostensible misplaced sense of loyalty which is quite often doubtless a sense of fear. Those that work in close proximity to their bosses or more specifically business owners i.e. in small businesses are less likely to make a personal injury claim against that company as they perceive it to be a claim made against the person i.e. their boss. The perceived consequent breakdown of employer-employee relationship and prospective dismissal can be cited as the chief catalyst in an injured person not making a personal injury claim.

This is a terrible depiction of how retarded Britain still is, for there to be this schizophrenia surrounding a work related personal injury claim. Of course the fault lies more with the employer than it does with the employee. Attitudes need to change and at a time where people are more aware of their litigation rights than they have ever been before, employers need to come to their senses and realise that gone are the days when a liability policy could remain untouched forever and a day. People are going to make personal injury claims because accidents do happen from time to time within the daily running of a business.

If you have been injured in a work related incident then you need to seek legal advice. A good solicitor will be worth their weight in platinum and be able to maximise the amount of compensation that is received. Never respond to any phone calls from insurance companies offering to quickly settle because the purpose of doing so is to save money on behalf of the insurance company. Make sure that you are represented on a no-win-no-fee basis, as this is a guarantee that your legal representative is sure that the case is going to be a success. It is also important that the solicitor that is chosen has previous court room experience and previous experience in relation to work related personal injury. The defence team will look at the level of experience that your solicitor has and use this to gauge whether or not the claim should be taken to court.

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Be sure to make a claim if you have suffered a work related personal injury.

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