Saturday, February 21, 2009

Job Background Check - How Long Do You Have to Worry About Past Problems

Having a job background check run on you can be tricky and discouraging, especially if you know that your record hasn't exactly been impeccable. The fact that you fear the results of your job background check might not be good, and can have negative repercussions on your confidence, and the idea that this sort of check could be run on you could even make you give up on applying for a job that would otherwise be ideal for you. If you have such worries about the prospect of a job background check, you should know that only certain elements can make their way into the background reports, and even so, only within a few years of their happening.

For instance, a file for bankruptcy would usually show up on your record, but only if it happened in the past ten years. If your filing was prior to the 10 year margin, it will no longer show up on your file. And most importantly, even though it is public, you cannot be refused a job on the basis of your bankruptcy. It does not affect your candidature for a position.

A seven year limit applies to other things that might put a damper on your record, such as civil suits, arrest records, fines or other tax violations, foreclosures and other minor offenses, so if the incident you are worried about happened more than seven years ago, chances are that you don't have to worry about it anymore. Seven years is not a very long period and enough for you to put it behind you and start afresh.

While in some US states even criminal offenses are a subject to this seven year rule, most states will show record of such offenses for the duration of one's life. The best thing to do is be ready and face the check.

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