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Orange County Non-Profit Organization and Charity Lawyer Looks At Charity Raffles and Poker Tournaments

Charity Raffles

In these tough economic times even for charities, there is a growing trend in California by non-profit and charitable organizations in Orange County and elsewhere to conduct raffles, but these are not the bake-sale raffles of old. Today, such raffles are often for homes worth between one and three million dollars. If that doesn't excite you, how about a charity poker tournament for a good cause.

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In 2008, nearly 2,200 charities registered approximately 3,500 raffles with the Attorney General's Office in the State of California. Not all of the raffles were for prizes as spectacular as a million dollar home, but there have also been charities who have failed to register their raffle with the state in advance of their raffle and some of the charities who have failed to comply with the rules have been referred to county prosecutors.

While noncompliance with the raffle rules has usually been the result of an honest mistake, some charities simply don't like all of the reporting requirements.

The rules relating to charitable raffles in Orange County and all of California are contained in California Penal Code Section 320.5. The rules are straightforward, though somewhat complex. The most important rule perhaps is the requirement that at least 90 percent of the gross receipts generated from the sale of the raffle tickets for any given draw are used by the eligible organization conducting the raffle to benefit or provide support for beneficial or charitable purposes.

While California Gambling Laws are contained in a myriad of Penal Code Sections, rules relating to sweepstakes, promotions and contests are contained in California Business and Professions Code Sections 17539-17539.55 and the enforcement provisions are in Sections 17200 and 17534-17536.

Non-Profit Organization Poker Tournaments

With the popularity of poker tournaments on television, charities in Orange County and throughout the state have gotten into the act as well. The holding of Charitable Poker Tournaments and other controlled games is governed by sections 19985-19987 of the Business and Professions Code. The same 90 percent rule applies as it does to who may conduct charitable raffles.

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If you are a charitable or non-profit organization and would like legal advice as to how to conduct or set up charitable fund raising events of any kind in Orange County or anywhere in Southern California, especially those which involve any types of games of chance, contests, sweepstakes, promotions, gambling, poker or raffles, be sure to consult with a Charity and Non-Profit Organization attorney from our offices before preparing any advertising materials or rules for your event.

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