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What is Gold Standard?

Gold Standard
Gold standard is a system under which gold is the standard of value. Under the system, the monetary unit of a country is defined in terms of certain weight of gold. Gold standard operated in its original form in several countries before 1914.

Salient Features of Gold Standard

  1. The standard money was defined in terms of a fixed weight of gold and gold coins circulated as full legal tender.
  2. All other firms of money, namely paper money and token coins were freely convertible into gold coins. The results were that the total quantity of money was dependent on the quantity of gold available in the country.
  3. The currency authority was required to buy and sell gold at fixed prices.
  4. There was a free import and export of gold without restrictions of any kind.


Two important functions of the gold standard were:

  1. To regulate the volume of money in the country (Domestic Gold Standard)
  2. To stabilize the rate of exchange (International Gold Standard).


The successful working of the gold standard depended on the observance of certain conditions known as the "Rules of the gold standard game". Two important rules are:

  1. Gold should be allowed to move freely from one country to another without any restrictions
  2. There must be an automatic expansion and contraction of currency and credit with the inflow and outflow of gold respectively. Only then, there would be an automatic adjustment of balance of payments between different countries. The success of the gold standard depends on the observance of the above "rules of the gold standard game".

Types of Gold Standard

There were three main forms of Gold Standard. They were:

  • Gold Currency Standard
  • Gold Bullion Standard
  • Gold Exchange Standard

Gold Currency Standard

Gold StandardGold currency standard prevailed in England and other countries before 1914. Under this system, gold coins of definite weight and fineness circulated as standard coins. Gold was not merely a measure of value, but also a medium of exchange. Sometimes, there were other forms of money like paper money and token coins and they were convertible into gold coins. There was a free coinage in gold, gold was freely bought and sold at fixed prices. And there were no restrictions on the movement of gold from one country to another. Gold currency standard was given up by most of the countries during World War I.

Gold Bullion Standard

After the war, many countries introduced gold standard in a different form known as the Gold Bullion Standard. Under this system, gold coins were not put into circulation but paper money circulated in the place of gold coins. That is, the actual currency consisted of paper money and token coins. They could not be converted into gold coins. But paper money and token coins were convertible into gold bullion (bars). Of course, only large amounts of money above certain limit was converted into gold bullion. In fact, gold bullion was sold only for making payments to foreign countries. England was on the Gold Bullion Standard from 1925-31. Some of the important advantages of this form of gold standard were: (1) There was economy in the use of gold and (2) It became a sort of managed standard similar to the inconvertible paper money type, which we have today.

Gold Exchange Standard

Under this Standard, gold coins do not circulate within the country. The local currency of a country consists of paper money and token coins. The local currency will not be converted into gold. But the currency of the country on Gold Exchange Standard will be converted into the currency of some other country which is on Gold Standard. Thus, the currency of the country on Gold Exchange Standard will be indirectly linked to gold. Many poor countries, which did not have enough gold reserves of their own were on Gold Exchange Standard for they enjoyed some of the advantages of the Gold Standard. The additional advantages of this standard were (1) It was economical, (2) There was stability of exchange and (3) The value of the currency could be stabilized in term of gold.

Merits of Gold Standard

  1. If a country is on Gold Standard, its currency will be universally acceptable. It promotes international trade.
  2. The volume of money in circulation in a country will be limited by the supply of gold in that country. Since the supply of money is stable, gold in that country. Since the supply of money is stable, it will create stability in the economy in general and stability of prices in particular. There is little scope for inflation or deflation.
  3. The Gold Standard helps in maintain stable exchange rates among the countries, which are members of the international gold system.
  4. It provides an automatic adjustment of balance of payments.
  5. It is an advantage for gold producing countries.

Demerits of Gold Standard

  1. Gold Standard will work well only when all the "rules of the gold standard game" are followed by the member countries. But the rules are rather rigid. It is not always easy or simple to remain on Gold Standard. The system worked well before World War I because conditions then were favorable. But when it was reintroduced after the World War, it did not work well for conditions differed then. That is why, Prof. Halm says that "It is a fair-weather craft of doubtful sea worthiness in stormy waters." It will collapse at a time of crisis.
  2. It does not establish stability of prices over long periods. For in the long period, even the supply of gold is not steady.
  3. Countries, which are on Gold Standard, sometimes have to sacrifice their domestic stability for stable exchange rates. Gold Standard is a jealous God.
  4. Gold Standard is really not an automatic standard. The Central Bank of a country has to manage the monetary system even when it is on gold standard.
  5. It involves a huge waste of gold reserves. For, under the Gold Standard in its original form, all the money in circulation in the country should be backed by gold.

Causes for the Breakdown of Gold Standard

Britain went off the Gold Standard in 1931. Other countries such as America and France followed suit within a few years. There were many causes for the breakdown of the Gold Standard.

  1. The rules of the Gold Standard were not observed by many countries. For example, the U.S.A. received large amounts of gold by imports. But she "sterilized" those gold resources. Like that, many countries broke the rules of Gold Standard.
  2. France under-valued her currency when she returned to Gold Standard. As a result, she got a large surplus of gold. But she did not follow the rules of the Gold Standard.
  3. World War I affected the working of the Gold Standard. Many countries became debtor countries. War debts and reparations interfered with the smooth working of gold Standard.
  4. The maintenance of Gold Standard became very complicated after the First World War.
  5. The spirit of nationalism was also another factor that contributed to the downfall of the Gold Standard. During the inter-war period (1919-1939), each country aimed at maintaining price stability and full employment and they were not willing to sacrifice domestic interests for the sake of the Gold Standard.
The above things were some of the important factors that contributed to the downfall of the Gold Standard. Some economists feel that "the automatic Gold Standard mechanism will never return." Of course, it does not mean that gold will not play an important role in international monetary affairs. In fact, it has been given a useful role by the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F), an organization for promoting international monetary co-operation.

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The golden Dinar and Islamic State

ISIS Coin: 'Islamic State' Steal Gaddafi's Plan to Mint a Gold Dinar

ISIS maniacs are eying plans to mint their own 'ISIS dinar', but these will not be virtual cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or LiteCoin, they want to make a symbolic challenge to 'American infidels' by coining their new money in gold silver and copper.

In a statement issued from the ISIS press office, this move will deliver a blow to “the tyrant's financial system”, and will include seven coins – two gold, three silver and two copper.

The new Islamic State coins will also be, "purely dedicated to God", and according to its creators – designed to liberate Muslims (those who survive the purge anyway) from the "global economic system that is based on satanic usury".

Cryptocoins News explains the monetary and symbolic roots of the Islamic Dinar:
ancient golden Dinar
"The gold dinar is an early Islamic coin that corresponds to and is derived from the denarius auri of the Byzantine era. The gold dinar was in use during a caliphate that was known as the Umayyad. The Umayyad caliphate lasted close to a century. The coin was minted to a carefully controlled standard of 4.25 grams."
Critics point out that ISIS/ISIL would require access to the huge quantities of gold and silver to keep their new mint going. They would also require a secure location for minting and distributing their new money, which does not appear to be the case presently (depending on how desperate the CIA are to roll out the new currency, the New York Federal Reserve Bank might be an option).

Before the NATO blitz which leveled the country, Libya was one of the only remaining nations in the world that still had a 100% state-owned Central Bank, and unlike ISIS, was one of the only nations which actually had the stability, the will, and the means (and the lack of private banking interference inside Libya) to float a currency backed by precious metals.

Before he was murdered by NATO-backed Islamic militants, the late Libyan leader, Muammar al-Gaddafi (1942 – 20th October 2011), tried to enact the very same gold-backed currency project, albeit with much more stable financial backing – overall, a vastly better chance of success.

Many commentators still maintain that it was Gaddafi's pursuit of hard money challenging to US dollar's financial hegemony in the Middle East and Africa – in the form of a Libyan Gold Dinar – that led to the West's decision to attack and destroy Libya in 2011.

ISIS treasury 'administrators' have said they will provide updates and information on their new currency's exchange rate, as well as inform the public where it will be available for exchange.

If only the West had backed Gaddafi – instead of backing ISIS, the world might be a safer place…

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Islamic State accumulating gold, silver and copper to mint its own currency

The Islamic State is not a state and not Islamic, Obama tells us. But it grounds all its actions in explicit statements of the Qur'an and Sunnah, and is busy accumulating all the ordinary features of a state. Does anyone have the will to stop it in its tracks?

An update on this story. "Islamic State reportedly buying silver, gold as it prepares to issue currency," by Mitchell Prothero, McClatchy, November 20, 2014 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

The Islamic State is not a state and not Islamic, Obama tells us. But it grounds all its actions in explicit statements of the Qur'an and Sunnah, and is busy accumulating all the ordinary features of a state. Does anyone have the will to stop it in its tracks?

golden Dinar Islamic StateAn update on this story. "Islamic State reportedly buying silver, gold as it prepares to issue currency," by Mitchell Prothero, McClatchy, November 20, 2014 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

IRBIL, Iraq – The Islamic State is accumulating gold, silver and copper in markets throughout northern and western Iraq, dealers report, in an apparent effort to stockpile enough precious metal to follow through on a pledge to mint its own currency.

On Nov. 11, the Islamic State's Beit al Mal, an ancient Islamic term akin to "Department of Treasury," announced that the group would reintroduce the dinar currency of the Umayyad Caliphate, which ruled an empire that stretched from modern Iran to Spain for much of the seventh and eighth centuries. The announcement – which included images of three types of coins in gold, copper and silver – drew skepticism from experts, who doubted that the Islamic State could arrange a system to mint and issue a modern currency.

But interviews with dealers in precious metals indicate that the Islamic State has begun the complex process of issuing the currency, a reminder that as the best-financed non-state actor in history – with a revenue stream from oil sales and aggressive taxation – it's been able to install bureaucratic controls over the large swath of territory it's claimed in Iraq and Syria.

Hajj Samir, a gold trader in the city of Fallujah who asked that his full name not be used for security reasons, said that since the announcement, foreign jihadists had been buying all of the gold and silver in the city's markets.

He said he alone had sold more than 15 pounds of gold to foreigners who were members of the Islamic State. "They said it was for gifts for their wives, but now I know why, and all the traders say the same thing," he said. "We've been making trips to Baghdad to get more, and they buy all of it."

Osman Ahmed, a 37-year-old gold trader in Mosul, said he'd been selling large amounts of gold and silver in the city, even though he now spent most of his time in Irbil, the capital of Iraq's Kurdish region.

"We don't ask why they're buying so much," he said. "But even silver in small shops outside the city is sold out."
golden dinar Islamic State
Golden dinar of the Islamic State
The purchases have reached the point that traders like Ahmed have been traveling between Mosul and the Kurdish cities of Irbil and Suleimaniyah to renew their stocks. The Islamic State buys it all, he said.

Zakaria Ahmed, 33, a Mosul resident who's no relation to Osman Ahmed and whose brother is an Islamic State official, said he'd been told that the currency project was encountering difficulties because U.S.-led coalition airstrikes had made moving valuables more difficult. The airstrikes also have added to worries that any minting facility could be destroyed from the air.

But he said his understanding was that planning for the currency was proceeding apace. "It is still in an ongoing process to be released," he said by phone.

The Islamic State's plans also may be behind a new zeal among the group's fighters to salvage copper on the battlefield. Marwan al Obeidi, speaking by phone from the Iraqi city of al Qaim, said the need for copper for coins had led to the looting of the copper wiring used in electric transmission cables.

The gold and silver purchases are strange enough, he said. "But what is striking is how elements of the organization have seized power transmission cables and other copper components," Obeidi said. The fighters are burning the insulation off the cables and harvesting the copper, he said.

Zakaria Ahmed said it was uncertain that residents of Islamic State-controlled areas would embrace the currency. He said residents who were tired of their sons being killed in fighting and already were facing economic uncertainty didn't see much benefit from the reintroduction of a currency that was last in circulation more than 1,000 years ago.

With doubts high among some people that the Islamic State can outlast the international coalition arrayed against it, Ahmed predicted that "no one will use" the new currency, "even if we assume that it enters the market."

Still, the accumulation of so much gold, silver and copper has a benefit, he said. It provides a valuable asset "for use by the Islamic State."

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Why Islamic State's gold coins won't replace the global banking system

Advocates of the gold standard have long been dismissed by mainstream economists as a club of bow-tie-wearing crackpots. That is no longer quite fair. Joining the gold bugs' ranks is a group of individuals who almost certainly never wear dickie bows: so-called Islamic State. On August 29th, al-Hayat, the organisation's foreign-media arm, published a 55-minute video denouncing the fractional reserve banking system, and advocating "the return of the ultimate measure of wealth for the world": gold.

golden dinar"The Rise of the Khilafah: Return of the Gold Dinar", makes a bizarre sales pitch for Islamic State's new gold currency. Covering a dizzying range of topics, from the importance of gold as a medium of exchange to "the dark rise of bank notes, born out of the satanic conception of banks", it argues America has been able to avoid hyperinflation and maintain its military hegemony largely thanks to the petrodollar system. Islamic State hopes that with the introduction of what it is calling the dinar, all oil will be paid for with gold instead of being priced in dollars, which would "mark the death of this oppressive banknote" and bring America "to her knees". Charts showing the gradual increase of the American money supply and the devaluation of the dollar are provided as evidence of the dangers of printing money. A rotation of gold-loving financial analysts is featured. Even Ron Paul, a former libertarian presidential candidate, makes an appearance denouncing inflation as theft.

There are three rather obvious problems with Islamic State's plan. First, its yellow currency is no different to any other version of the gold standard. The dinar's worth will be determined by the supply and demand for gold, exposing the currency to fluctuations in the price of the yellow stuff. A fall in the gold supply would be like a tightening of monetary policy; it could cause a recession. Second, a coin backed by a terrorist organisation has obvious credibility problems: aside from the fact that its coins cannot be traded legally, few would presumably use this currency to trade oil if it was only available in coin form, or other forms that relied on trusting Islamic State.

Finally, ending the petrodollar system would first require Islamic State to seize a far larger share of oil production in the Middle East and then persuade countries to agree to trade with it. Even if Islamic State were successful in becoming a major oil exporter, the strength of the dollar depends on far more than its use in the oil trade. American capitalism seems safe for a while yet.

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gold probe

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Lawful Money -or- private credit: Why You should learn how to redeem Lawful Money

If you knew that you have always had a choice to either endorse the private credit of an International Banking cartel, which would then lead you straight into financial hell, or to elect to turn the fiat currency note into Lawful Money by making a demand to have it redeemed for lawful money… which would you choose to do?
This is an excellent starting point. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES in their default form is an invitation to endorse private credit and slides one down the slippery slope into financial hell. However, there is always a way to correct a mistake. But, remember, the first time it is a mistake, the second time it is a choice, and the third time its negligence. So choose wisely.
America has a history that is not taught which reveals that a Central Bank has always lead the people into disaster.  Just ask the people of Iceland. Oh, that’s right, they got rid of the bankers, didn’t they?  Now, why haven’t American’s learned the same lesson yet?

I will be honest here and state for and on the record that Americans are not looking to intelligent for not learning by their example.  Therefore, this complaint is not without good cause in relation to what a Central Bank is verses a National Bank.  There IS a difference!  The question is, do you know what that difference is, and if not, then why do you not know?  Lets get on the ball here people! The Federal Reserve Act was passed into law on December 23rd of 1913 at 11:30pm at night.  HELLO!?  Does this fact cause any kind of question to stir-up in your mind?  I certainly hope so.

The interesting thing is that there had to be a remedy left in the Federal Reserve Act.  Why?  Let me put it to you this way.  There will always be people who are intelligent enough and Spiritually in tune to figure out that something is wrong and then seek a solution; but then, there will also be those who will know that something is wrong and do nothing about it for whatever lazy-azz excuse they select to justify their unwillingness to study to show themselves approved.  Approved for what, you say?  How about understanding how to walk on the waters of the commercial world of capitalism commanding and controlling their own vessel, rather than being commanded and controlled by and through the use of a vessel created by another man, which volunteered them into a form of financial slavery.

Replace the word BITCOIN with LAWFUL MONEY, and the conversation is exactly the same. However, the difference with Lawful Money over BITCOIN is that BITCOIN is truly NOT a PUBLIC currency. So then, I caution all to consider carefully all the clauses of the contract of making a use of that private credit. The question is, are you exchanging one man-king and master for another man-king and master? Or, are you going to manage your own estate held in your own Private Trust, and then choose to stay in honor with the statues and codes of the PUBLIC TRUST, which does not infer that you have to be UNDER them, as a Peacemaker and Ambassador for Christ? I know, that is one LOADED question, but it is necessary to be asked.

However, the real question is, can you stay in the Private and then honorably use the PUBLIC TRUST without violating its laws, rules, regulations, statutes and codes to affect a peaceful means and/or solution for providing for your family and estate without violating the Law of the Private Trust you administrate under the Law of your Creator through your Redeemer?  If you see what I am saying, then it is very possible that you have firm grip on how PUBLIC and Private works.

It is a fact supported by OPERATION OF LAW that if you do not demand the currency you make use of to be redeemed in lawful money per 12USC411, then you have indeed elected to endorse the private credit of the private Federal Reserve Bank. Congratulations! You are in bed with Darth Vader, and/or the devil. Wow! Did I just put it that way?! YEP! I most certainly did. Why? Because a remedy and solution is given and if you do not use it then you are in rebellion towards it, and the fact is, it has been provided because all the Sin/Debt has been taken away. The question is, do you see that connection, or do you think that the Creator and Redeemer is imaginary as some are of the foolish tradition of thinking?

For it is written that, "Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it." Why do you think that faith without works is dead? Why do you think it will only be OVERCOMERS that will sit with Yehoshuah in His Throne upon His return? Why do you think you are here experiencing this world and being tested and challenged by and through what appears to be an evil financial system? Is it really so evil? Or, are there some that have used and abused it thus making it look like it is evil because their intention overwhelms the good purpose of it being used to test one’s faith unto Trust? I know… this is heavy, but far to many of you are not getting this and what it means and I have written plenty on this subject showing the connection between belief, faith and trust being THEE test that is ultimately going on that everyone experiences while in this physical body of flesh.

Everything of the physical is a type of the Spirit. Everything we experience is by design and for a good and grand purpose unto the fulfilling of one’s destiny. It is my hope that you come to know, realize and manifest this.

It would appear that the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK does serve a purpose in testing the heart of men to either elect to live by the Law of God, or to chose another created being to be their King… as in Man-King… as in 1 Sam 8. Read it! We were all given notice by the Creator El Elyon of what the folly of that decision would do to us and yet we still have chosen to ignore His wisdom and go our own way. No wonder Hosea 4:6 is in full force and effect.

choose to elect

When we choose to elect another man to be our King this is the result of that folly. What better example do you need that this? Or, do you think that this example is in error? If so, I do hereby formally challenge you to show how this is not true. Good luck with that.

BUT, there one other difference! One of them can be REDEEMED FOR LAWFUL MONEY PER 12USC411 as clearly stated in Section-16 of the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT thus taking whatever the transaction is out of the FEDERAL ZONE making it a NON-TAXABLE EVENT!

Yes, you have been redeemed without money. This is a fact for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. "For thus says the Lord: "You have sold yourselves for nothing, And you shall be redeemed without money." Indeed, we have all been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, and His Blood was and still is PRICELESS.

That is why He took away all the Sin of the world by His Blood. Now then, why do men still toil around in SIN/DEBT unto unbelief in that being taken away? Because of stubbornness! Because of unwillingness to finally come to the end of one’s own way, which is against the Will of God. Until one surrenders their own Will and Way for THE WAY and His Will that one is essentially "LOST AT SEA." And that brings the connection directly into why there is a national debt, because people are still believing in Sin and that Sin has more power than the Redeemer’s Blood. Do you see how the physical is a reflections of the Spiritual state of mankind? It gauges it perfectly!

So then, only those that do believe, agree and place Trust in His Blood for doing exactly what He claims it has done. Indeed, these are Redeem without MONEY.

But, for those that have no such faith unto Trust… what are you going to do for your own salvation, not to mention your own Estate and Title whilst you are still here in this physical body of flesh? How are you going to even bring balance to the physical books if you are not balance Spiritually by submitting to the Law of the Trust of God in obedience so that not only can you see the provision that has been provided, but also claim it and use it according to the Will of God? Yes, for those of you who disparage those who do have faith, how will you redeem yourself without the Redeemers blood? There can only be one way, and you better make sure that your blood IS as pure as His blood. Else, you are sunk by your own arrogance, ignorance and egotism.

The entire world has been held hostage by the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM through its international agent called the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF). The world was forced to use only the Federal Reserve Note to buy and sell oil. This is why the Federal Reserve Note is also called the PETRODOLLAR. This has all been effectively done at gun point.
fiat currency
You can still have virtually the same affect by redeeming the fiat currency into Lawful Money. This is an election. You either endorse private credit by not demanding lawful money, or you demand lawful money and redeemed yourself from the FEDERAL ZONE and out the taxable jurisdiction under the power and control of Caesar.

If GOLD is the currency of Kings, and SILVER is the currency of Gentlemen, and BARTER is the currency of peasants, THEN debt is currency of SLAVES! So then, MANY people have indeed chosen by their actions to be a SLAVES rather than a King and/or Gentlemen, because they are unwilling to OVERCOME this world and learn what they need to apply so that the physical world no longer holds power over them. And, like it or not, or, agree with this or not, all things happening in this physical world has a direct connection to spiritual matters. So then, learn how to STOP ENDORSING PRIVATE CREDIT and DEMAND LAWFUL MONEY! And, by doing so, you will also be declaring that you indeed are REDEEMED WITHOUT MONEY, but by blood, so that your faith is now with works that back up your claim to having faith.
currency of Kings

"But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?" Yehoshuah walked on the waters of the commercial world of His day and by doing that He set an example for ALL people to follow, no exceptions. He commanded and controlled His PUBLIC life by and through the power of His Private Life and Relationship (Trust) with His Father. He kept, which is to fulfill, the Law of the Trust that He was bound in agreement too, else Men would have no reason to have faith much less a valid place to Entrust.

So then, can you follow His example? Yes, you can! Albeit, not like He accomplished it, but, it is most certainly possible as with God ALL things are possible. Remember, a big part of the experience of this Life unto OVERCOMING this world is to ENDURE TO THE END!  "And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved."

But, the question is, are you willing to do what is necessary to do the same thing and thus OVERCOME this second age? "Many are called but few are chosen." This does not mean that the many are going to go to hell, and that the few are not. On the contrary! The many will be given their opportunity to choose God’s way, or their own way, during the millennial rule of Yehoshuah at the beginning of the Third Age. (SIDEBAR: Understanding the Ages is one major KEY to understanding The Holy Bible and putting things into context and order. If you are unaware of this knowledge, then I encourage you to seek this knowledge out ASAP!)

It is a warped religious organization that does not teach the truth about the Ages. What is really ugly is the vast majority of RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS (501c3’s) are exactly that… warped, because they do not teach the doctrines of the Law of God, but rather the traditions of men.

If you do not chose to learn what you need to learn so that you can fulfill, "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues," then all that you have been doing is making a use of a fiat-fictional currency, which involves you in directly DEBT and the expansion of the national debt.

Now, replace the word DEBT with the word SIN. STOP being involved in Babylon/Rome’s debt, which is the same as sin. Any claim of a debt against you is a claim that you are a sinner, and God does not hear sinners, John 9:31, "Now we know that God does not hear sinners; but if anyone is a worshiper of God and does His will, He hears him."

So then, the connection of Spiritual to Physical is this… if you do not redeem the currency then how can you claim to be redeemed by the blood of Christ? You will be swimming in SIN, which is DEBT, if you do not redeem the currency, or claim to be Redeemed by His Blood. Do you see the connection? There is a connection whether you agree with this or not. This world and this AGE was designed to test this very thing! Everything of this physical world is a type of the Spiritual!

In addition, the weapons of our warfare are spiritual and are therefore unseen. The fact is the affects of the world of fiat currency (usury, interest, unbalanced scales, unequal weights and measures) is unseen, but it is felt, and its affects are made known as they do manifest. Ergo the NATIONAL DEBT! The purpose is all about testing your faith in light of the Biblical Maxim, "No man can serve two masters." If you choose not to redeem the currency into Lawful Money, then how are you doing the things that Jesus said one is to be doing? "But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say? DO NOT DO THE THINGS WHICH I SAY! To be involved in and with the National Debt IS TO BE involved in SIN. How can one so involved be doing the things which He commanded?!

There is salvation by simple belief unto faith, and this is for those of the outer court of the Temple, but then there is also the elect who will rule with Yehoshuah in His Throne. "To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne." (Rev 3:21) Which one do you intend to be, and why would He put someone in His throne that does not understand how God’s system of Commerce works righteously and fairly for ALL, no exceptions?

Notice I said commerce, NOT capitalism! The difference is in God’s system of Commerce every one wins! But, in capitalism, which warps Godly Commerce into profitable enterprises for the selfish and greedy, there are winners and losers. This goes directly against the Law of God and His Will for ALL things to be EQUAL and BALANCED. (See DEUT 25:13-16 and Proverbs 11:1) Do you see the difference? Do you understand the importance of this delineation. I can only hope and pray that you do, for without such knowledge, understanding and wisdom salvation could hang in the balance.

one dollar
So then, what are you going to do with this knowledge now that you have read all the way to this point? You do realize that by being informed of this choice that you have automatically incurred a duty and obligation unto doing the wise thing according your understanding and knowledge of these things. Be mindful that you are now with knowledge that many will flat-out reject without evidence to the contrary. Take care to not be one of these and as always, use this knowledge in concert with, "Be wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove." For, "When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him." So then, resolve to BE the PEACEMAKER and be recognized to be an Ambassador for Christ.

In another post, a poster attempted to explain that they used THEIR MONEY to set off a debt. Without more detail to explain exactly what they did as well as to vet and validate their claim, I proceeded to point out with the question, "How does one pay a debt with a debt note?" For FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES being a fiat currency is a note of debt in their default form. UNLESS one avoids that pitfall and elects instead to make use of Lawful Money. This can only be done with a demand that the currency be redeemed, else it is not redeemed and is a debt not by default.

In short, Isaiah 52:3 says, "For thus says the Lord: "You have sold yourselves for nothing, And you shall be redeemed without money." This is in conjunction with 1 Samuel 8:10-20. For a Living Soul to be redeemed that can only happen by blood. Specifically, the blood of the Lamb of God. But, while the children of God are in this physical form how shall that redemption be carried out so that one is not involved with Sin, which is Debt, and effectively complies with Revelation 18:4-5 to, ""Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins/[debts], and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins/[debts] have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities." This can only take place by the determination of one who understands that the manifestation of the Kingdom of God that is within them can indeed take place NOW for those who have placed their Trust in the One who is with their Eternal Life. "Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, "The kingdom of God does not come with observation; 21 nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:20-21)

Everything that one experiences in this physical world has spiritual ramifications. This is why, "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled." (2 Cor 10:4-6). What is learned of the Spirit is demonstrated by and through the physical. So then, if one refuses to redeem for lawful money and thus exit the Federal Reserve Zone of Sin and Debt, then how shall they claim that they are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb of God? Is it not written that faith without works is dead. So then, if you claim to have faith, then just don’t say that you have it, show it by your works. Else do not speak of the matter until you do.

What I am saying is that if lawful money is not demanded to redeemed the claim of there being a debt then the books have not been balanced to zero and the debt still does exist. For a debt not cannot and never will pay a debt IN Law! This a fact of basic algebraic mathematics. A negative plus a negative does not and never will equal a positive. [ -2 + -2 <> 4 | -2 + -2 = -4 ] And what one has actually done has expanded the debt and is directly involved in increasing the national debt. This is the end result of a little bit of ignorance and a lot of presumption with do. Therefore, the debt/sin was not settled, extinguished and closed.

For Caesar has no willingness to oblige anyone who does not have enough knowledge know these things, nor is willing to learn them of their own initiative. The key comes with understanding how one is endorsing the private credit of the private FEDERAL RESERVE BANK because IF one does not declare their intent to STAY OUT OF THEIR FEDERAL ZONE, then by the design of that fiat currency note, one has volunteer into that zone and is under the jurisdiction thereof wherein no man can serve two masters. And, since Caesar’s world is a world that operates on the Rule of Bankruptcy, Debt, and Usury, then this reflects that one has determined for another man to be their king just as Israel did in 1 SAM 8.

Lawful Money Trust IS Coming!

Stay Tuned! However, in the meantime… enjoy these.

Bank Fraud in Ten Minutes
… and, as well as,

The dollar and the real inflation story

But, above all...
"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness," and in that seeking,…
Get Knowledge,
Get Understanding, and
Get Wisdom!



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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Are You a modern-day slave?

Did you ever ask yourself about life? the purpose of our existence? Why we live in such a world like this one? We live in an unprecedented time full of amazing opportunities on the one hand and terrible catastrophes on the other.

But for the typical person working a 9-to-5 job (or more likely a 12 hour shift these days), it is likely that neither of these possibilities even registers on their mind. So many people are simply concerned with the business of surviving: finding a job, paying the mortgage, raising their children, and finding what little time there is left to de-stress from it all. Despite all of the labor-saving devices that were supposed to usher in an Age of Leisure, people seem to be working harder today than ever before.

modern-day slaveEconomist Richard Wolff points to the decoupling of productivity gains from income gains that began in the late 1970s and has accelerated ever since. The world has never been more productive, yet the average worker is getting poorer as most of the income gains in the economy flow directly to the top.  It is obvious that something is seriously wrong on a systemic level, which beg the questions: Why are the majority of people on the planet focused on getting a job and – when or if they do – then find themselves working longer hours to receive less and less reward? If the average person isn’t really benefiting from their hard work, who is?

To answer these questions, we need to understand that there are really only two ways people can derive an income from society. Martin Adams, author of Sharing the Earth: A Proposal for a Tax Free and Prosperous World, describes these ways:
"Broadly speaking, there are only two ways a human being can make an income: he can either make an income by contributing to society, or he can extract an income from society. A person can contribute to society by providing valuable goods and services. When a person contributes a valuable service and gets paid for it, he collects a wage; and when he gets paid for providing a valuable product, he collects what economists call a capital yield or capital return. When a mechanic gets paid for repairing a car, he collects a wage. But when a company receives money for leasing out a car, a capital good, the company receives a capital return. Each entity contributed a useful good or service.
The only other way people can make an income is by receiving what economists call economic rent. They do this not by adding wealth to society, but by extracting an income from society without providing any real wealth in return. When a person owns a natural resource such as land and charges other people for their use of it, he receives economic rent because the money he gets does not pay for any man-made goods or services."  (Source:
On the most basic economic level, there are two distinct classes of people – a select few have the ability to live truly free lives with absolute sovereignty over their time while most other people must trade their labor or time – which can also be called their life – for the means to survive. Isn't your labor nothing more than your life's energy? Isn't it the same life from which you hope to fulfill your dreams, raise your family, and explore the fantastic experience of being alive? When we trade our life, what we get in return ought to be worth something.

There is another name for a person who doesn't have sovereignty over his own time. We call them slaves. Up until just a few centuries ago, the elite were actually allowed to legally own other people. For example, in ancient Rome it was estimated that 35 to 40 percent of the population were slaves. Today, involuntary slavery has, for the most part, been legally abolished, but life on earth may actually be worse for the vast majority of the working class: they are subject to voluntary slavery.

In a recent post on the Sustainable Man Facebook page, I asked the following question:

What is the difference between the following two scenarios?

  1. Being in a situation where you've been kicked off the land that sustained your family for generations and the only options for providing any sustenance is by taking a job making iPhones at 10 cents an hour; or
  2. Slavery

One of the top responses was: "Slaves have an investment by their owners and are generally provided with at least minimal care, housing and food. In general, they are slightly better off." Indeed, this is true. Today, workers are generally interchangeable. If they get sick or injured, they can be immediately let go, replaced, and forgotten. If that means that they can no longer pay the mortgage on their home loan, the banks will repossess their home and sell it to the replacement worker, leaving the former in a situation where they must beg for resources to keep them alive.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a famous German writer, once said "none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Even though most people today believe they are free, is this really true? You are certainly not free to "trespass" on land owned by others or free to take food produced on privately owned land. In some cities, you aren't even free to sleep on the street. The entire world is now fully owned. The truth is that people are free only insofar as they have money to buy a limited amount of freedom on an ongoing basis. Without money and without the ability to provide for themselves in nature, people don't have any other choice but to submit their labor in exchange for the "market" wage.  We have to trade in our time (and our life) in order to survive.

This brings us back to the first question posed in this article. What is all of this for? Is the purpose of our lives simply to submit to working at a job that helps fulfill the goals of the elite while our wages deteriorate? What about our desires for our own life? What do each of us have to give to the world? Sadly, many people still do not have a realistic ability to entertain this question.

Lest I be accused of being a spoiled "hippie" that doesn't want to "get a job", let me say that I don't believe that there is a human being alive that is not interested in performing work that is meaningful to them. The reason why most people hate their jobs is because the jobs generally don't represent their true desires for what they wish to create in the world. People really don't want to spend the majority of their waking hours selling chemical dispersants or mining coal or taking orders at McDonalds. Those select few people that derive their income by extracting an income from society are not the ones who must submit to such dispiriting work. Shouldn't the purpose of our economy be to make it possible for every human being to be truly free to find and discover their true calling?

Martin Adams offers one potential solution. From Sharing the Earth:
What would happen to us if our entire tax system were replaced with public revenues exclusively generated from natural resource values?  We already know that all profits from natural resources are unearned. We also know that anyone who profits from natural resources takes wealth that belongs to society. Given these considerations alone, doesn't it make sense to stop taxing wages, capital gains, incomes, and sales, and start charging people for their uses of land and of other natural resources?
The United States has a landmass of approximately 2.3 billion acres, of which nearly 60 percent, or 1.35 billion acres, is privately owned. The sheer value of this land is nearly incomprehensible: according to one study, in the United States the value of residential land alone was estimated at more than $6 trillion in 2010 and this figure does not account for lucrative commercial land….the total potential revenues of land fees alone would provide about 60 percent of current U.S. federal, state, and local government revenue – 60 percent of an arguably bloated government budget is substantial.
We need to rethink our current economic model from the ground up, and ?nd within ourselves the tremendous willpower necessary to implement this change. The hurdles we have to overcome are immense, yet we must share the Earth with one another if we are to ever create a world that works for everyone – which is only possible if we create a world that works for anyone." (
Whether it is reforming our tax system, developing alternative interest-free currencies and exchanges, creating local and sustainable economies, joining the emerging sharing and gift economies, or just bringing more kindness, compassion, and awareness to our everyday lives, we must begin to challenge the outdated and seriously flawed economic, cultural and social systems that make it literally impossible for us to share the earth. We owe it not only to ourselves, but also to our children and our children's children to leave behind a world that is stronger, safer, more sustainable, and more beautiful than we found it.

By Thought Pursuits

Source: Thought Pursuits

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