Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alaska DUI Laws

Before you ever get behind the wheel in Alaska after having a few drinks, you should know what could happen if you are caught and charged with drinking and driving. First, you can be arrested for drunk driving in Alaska even if your driving appears fine. Under the state's current law, anyone who is driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher is guilty of drunk driving.

If you are arrested for a DWI (driving while intoxicated) in the state of Alaska, you are going to face some specific consequences. First, you will lose your license, and if you do not file a request with the division of motor vehicles for a hearing within seven days of your arrest, you will not have the chance to argue to keep your license. If this is your first offense, you will lose your license for 90 days, but a limited license is available after 30 days.

Besides losing your license for a long time, you will also spend up to three days in jail. Your vehicle will likely be impounded as well. Court fines cost $1,500, and you will also pay for your jail time, sentencing, and vehicle impounding. On average, by the time you pay your DWI attorney, all of the fees, and have your license reinstated, your DWI arrest could cost over $22,000. You will also have 10 points added to your driving record. With these strict consequences, it is far better to designate a driver or hire a taxi after you have had a few drinks.

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