Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chester Village Proposed 30mph Speed Limit

The proposal for a 30mph speed limit has been set in place for a main road in Chester Village. The reduction from 40mph has been suggested on Guilden Sutton Lane in Guilden Sutton.
The measure was proposed at a meeting of city highway chiefs last autumn when area highway manager Colin Stredder told councillors that the limit on the road had been revised.

The average speed of traffic had been found to be 39pmh and there had been a personal injury accident in three years resulting in a slight injury.

In an attempt to keep the number of personal injuries down in the future, Stredder said: "Whilst any accident is one too many, this record does not give undue cause for concern."

He suggested that the existing 40mph limit should be reduced to 30mph to link-up with the existing 30mph speed limit through the village.

Guilden Sutton Parish Council says it has no objections as do the police and Gowy division county Cllr Eleanor Johnson.

A sign of new worries Mr Stredder said that the new signs would be erected and traffic speed monitored with extra measures being installed if necessary.

However, several people have criticised the new plan. Vice chairman of the city's highways and transportation committee County Cllr Sue Proctor said she and Guilden Sutton City Cllr Brian Bailey harbored concerns over the new planning.

They expressed their worry that the introduction of the 30mph limit would lead to the loss of repeater signs along the length of the road concerned which could be detrimental to highway safety, and thus create more personal injury accidents.

The highway authority has responded by indicating that bracket lights adjacent to properties on Guilden Sutton Lane would be upgraded.

Mr Stredder will tell the county and city councilors at a Town Hall meeting of city highway chiefs on Thursday this week that the limit has been advertised for consultation and an objection has been received although the reduction in the speed limit has been welcomed.

The resident, who has lived in the village for more than five years, is worried the reduced speed limit will not be as effective as it is claimed the current 40mph is: "is widely flouted particularly by local residents as is the 30 limit on the lower part of the lane."

The occupier has also voiced concerns with the police and the county council saying: "that not once in five years have the police set up traffic controls". Therefore, he suggested the use by the parish council of a speed indicator device "is treated with as much contempt as a speed limit."

Unless there are "solid proposals for enforcing any changes" he argued that any plans should be halted until such time as satisfactory enforcement is made available.

Mr Shredder responded by confirming that the new vehicle speeds will be monitored and extra measures to lower speeds would be installed if needed.

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