Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How to Accept a Traffic Ticket

If you are a regular driver, I am sure you have been involved in awkward situations on the road at least twice a year. It is natural. The rules of the road are really hard to obey with so many drivers who seem to have and stubbornly stick to their own rules. As for cops, they have seen so much in their career that there is nothing you can do to trick them. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, for sure.

It is human nature to try beating a traffic ticket and many drivers show much creativity in their attempts, but most of their excuses are nothing but the laughing stock of the police who, by the way, always know the law better and have at least one counter-argument up the sleeve. Thus, if you let even the most innocent white lies slipping out of your mouth they can get you into much more trouble than just telling the truth, fair and square.

Imagine you've been caught speeding and you are trying to convince the traffic warden you were in a hurry, for one or several pitiful reasons, such as your wife having a baby, or your mother-in-law having just been hospitalized with a heart attack. Do you think the man in blue will buy that excuse? You must be kidding. No policeman has ever shown mercy to a poor liar like that. Get real!

You may plead car trouble for impatiently trying to get out of traffic when you were supposed to wait in the queue and not do any stupid move. He still won't believe you and will probably penalize you even harder. Even though you are a good citizen who does not want to allow a fire to start on the road, the police will not believe it was the public safety you were thinking of when you suddenly swerved right at the wrong place.

Reckless driving is another reason why many drivers get pulled over. No matter how funny it might sound to you, if he wants to test your sobriety, never ever joke about the situation with one of the famous lines like: 'Ociffer, I don't fink there's much blood in my alcohol'; you may go straight to jail for that remark.

So, what is the proper way to behave to a police officer if he has caught you red-handed? The best way to keep out of trouble is learn what you should NOT do. You can find really good online sources meant to teach you exactly that. Here is one.

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