Friday, May 29, 2009

Identity Theft Help - Your Top 5 Solutions

It's a simple fact that criminals are becoming increasingly efficient with regards to identity theft. While some may resort to stealing mail out your mailbox, others go as far as developing highly advanced computer viruses, key loggers, Trojans and etc. The bottom line is, criminals are well prepared for the task at hand. As such, average people are becoming increasingly vulnerable and many are in search of some form of identity theft help.

To make matters worse, when you suddenly realize you have just become a victim of identity theft, confusion, shock and to a certain extent, ignorance, all hinder your ability to think clearly at a time when it's most essential. Of course this is understandable when one considers you're all of a sudden faced with the knowledge that an absolute stranger has complete access to your sensitive personal information. So, what should one do at a time like this?

The following 5 steps for identity theft help are well worth taking note of, considering they may well be all that stands between having your account locked and a mountain of debt:

1) Credit Monitoring Credit monitoring is essentially the first step you should take in order to detect any unauthorized transactions with regards to your account. Some of the better known companies that provide this service are: Identity Truth, Equifax, LifeLock, ID WatchDog and Identity Theft Shield.

2) Criminal Monitoring In the vast majority of cases, when someone gains access to your information, it is soon passed on to the criminals who want an opportunity to access your bank and credit card accounts. Scouring various criminal channels has often proved to be hugely successful as it allows victims of identity theft to take immediate action should their details show up.

3) Information Monitoring Of course, the net contains a wealth of information, much of which is misleading in one way or another. While genuine information can be invaluable, misleading information can be just as devastating to a business. There are companies such as Reputation Defender and others that can offer a service which includes monitoring all information which is related to your business.

4) Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft Help While credit monitoring is of course an effective tool, you need to be in a position to take swift action should you become a victim of identity theft. As soon as it becomes apparent that your account has been compromised, these companies take immediate action in order to prevent criminal activity.

5) Identity Theft Insurance Yes, as with so many other things in life, your identity can also be insured. In fact, some companies have so much faith in their identity protection services, they even offer up to 1 million dollars in insurance. Of course, whether you frequently conduct transactions online, or whether you only do so on occasions, having a service like this looking after your identity gives you much needed peace of mind.

While I have briefly mentioned certain companies above, they are by no means the only companies offering identity theft help to customers. As such, please feel free to do a little research if need be and take the necessary steps before it's too late.

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