Saturday, May 16, 2009

FTC VS Apple & Google - Investigation is Questionable

After the attacks on Microsoft by the Federal Trade Commission and then the standing by as AOL and Time Warner Merged, and later the wait and watch strategy with Google, one has to ask what on Earth the FTC is trying to convince us of. Now, they have a new appointed head, from San Francisco and apparently, they are looking into the "Apple-Google Connection" or the fact that each of their boards of directors share members, which looks as if they are in cahoots and thus, horizontally, and vertically integrating a strangle hold on the tech sector.

Neither company currently competes with each other, but this does set up an interesting anti-trust issue. I mean if you are going to go after Microsoft for their dealings with bundling and working with hardware distributors then you Must look into this. Still, this is a really weak case considering the size of Google and all the other issues that might cause one concern.

Therefore, let's ask another question; is the Federal Trade Commission looking into this as a legal issue, merely so critics of Google will not claim the FTC is letting them get by with their monopolistic tendencies due to their size? And other question concerns the fact that the FTC is constantly trying to get industries to develop standards so that consumers are protected from obsolescence. Remember all the people who bought Beta Video Home Units instead of going with VHS? I mean how many of those old units have you seen over the years at garage sales?

Personally, I have a little trouble trusting the FTC with anti-trust cases, as every time they have a case, it ends up hurting the consumer, delaying technology and costing us all more money. Then eventually everything is all back together again and business as usual. Remember the AT&T breakup? This really appears to be more FTC PR, as they try to pretend like they are doing something; must be Congressional Budget hearings coming up again for them? Bet me.

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