Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Identity Theft Excuse by Online Anonymity Proponents

Many folks use anonymity online, they use screen names and sneak around posting various nonsense or making spiteful comments on the Internet in chatrooms, on blogs, or in Internet forums. If you ever ask these people to identify themselves or ask them why they cloak under anonymity, they'll say something like; to protect myself, and my family or to protect against identity theft?

In reality this is just an excuse. You see if someone continually trashes others online then they should expect others to get angry, but if they are decent to others online then they have nothing to worry about, so when people use fake names, they think no one will ever find out so they go around attacking people. This shows the reason why online anonymity is a very bad idea.

Next, we must consider the reality that online anonymity actually helps people who are disreputable circumnavigate the internet without detection. Not only does it help folks with low levels of integrity and ethics, but it actually encourages them to see what they can get away with and try new things. We must be concerned with this problem as it has grown immensely.

Perhaps, the biggest problem is folks now enjoy anonymity online so they can get away with things, say things they normally wouldn't say no matter who they hurt, and allow them to sneak around. Identity theft issues aside this sets up a very bad precedence and it is part of the reason the Internet is becoming so untrustworthy, yet people still claim that anonymity online is a good thing. It's not.

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  1. While internet anonymity is helpful in protecting the identity of bloggers or internet users, it also helps protect the identity of unethical people who does nothing but say or post something against other individuals. There is always another side of the story and this is just the reality that we need to live with. I think the best thing to do is to have some sort of filters so that you may assess a comment or a post before it appears on your wall. Thank you for sharing your insights.


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