Saturday, May 2, 2009

Elder Law - Lawsuits in Elder Care Sector Killing Cost Structure

How common are elder care lawsuits these days? Would it surprise you that there are more pending lawsuits for elder care facilities and their employees than there are care facilities by a factor of three? Obviously, there is a real problem here and it is also apparent that not all these lawsuits are legit, worse each of these lawsuits adds to the cost of care, and that means we all pay as taxpayers and again if we ever need care or have family members in or ready to enter such facilities.

It's a huge problem, and it is just one more example how our health care industry is out of whack and broken. Can this problem be fixed? Well, all attempts to modify the laws for elder care caused increased regulations, more fines, more fees, more on-going education, more restrictions, and more lawsuits. All this hurts care, not help it.

Some of the restrictions now are so extreme that it is hard to make exceptions for special cases, and in reality isn't every case special? Don't we care anymore for our elderly, don't we want care professionals to be able to make exceptions as needed based on common sense?

We have seen costs, which were already somewhat excessive in the industry increase by at least 400% in the last five years alone for these companies giving care. Insurance is up, compliance is up, legal costs are up, and training is up. All the while there are a shortage of nurses. Please consider all this.

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