Friday, May 1, 2009

Downloading - Piracy

The internet and the World Wide Web have created a very big impact in the consumer market and have established itself as a one-stop shop for the whole world. Almost anyone anywhere in the world could practically do anything so as long as an internet connection is available.

Communicating, researching, film and television show viewing, education, purchasing and downloading are just a few of the perks that we all have been taking advantage from using the internet and the World Wide Web. Nowadays, one can barely imagine doing some of these things without the internet at hand. This has benefited our society in both a personal and professional level: aiding in personal needs and at the same time creating business opportunities and generating fast and sure profit for a lot aspiring entrepreneurs.

Downloading for instance is one of the very many things on the internet and the World Wide Web that has caused craze amongst people. There is such a huge number of information and items that could be downloaded from the internet. Anyone who has a computer with an internet connection would be able to find and download a book, document, television show, film, song, image or photo. The list could go on. All these could be acquired given that they are uploaded in the web. This information could be downloaded through either pay per download systems or for free through person-to-person file sharing software programs. With the numerous number of person-to-person file sharing software programs and the millions of people sharing their files through the web, downloading for free has deemed to be one of the hottest options in the web. Aside from the fact that the downloading files is for free, it is also a faster way to get what one is looking for. It also encourages a sense of connection to between the users.

Though downloading for free has been a very big advantage for us, it has also its downsides. Since these downloads are files or items mostly bought and uploaded on the web, they are generally not considered for free unless the original owner of such item declares so. Thus, downloading for free could lead to illegally acquiring and using an item or product which is one of the biggest issues there is about free downloading.

A very good example of this is a song or a film. The entertainment industry of today is having a very huge problem with piracy. A lot of people tend to just copy a song or film from someone else instead of purchasing it. Some even purchase pirated products which are much cheaper but of almost the same quality as an original product. And now, with the evolution of technology and the internet, downloading a song or film from the web is as easy as pie and would not even cost one a single cent.

This has unfortunately encourage piracy and in an uncontrollable manner. Compared to those pirated products sold in the market, piracy through free downloads can not be monitored nor ultimately stopped. This has caused a lot of loses for the entertainment industry alone, but has not been able to make downloading users understand it and stop.

Hence, piracy is very wide spread in the internet yet means of controlling it is still unknown. Although this is the case, downloading isn't that all bad; it does benefit many, just not entirely for everybody.

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