Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Do Your Own Patent Search

So you have finally done it. Your hard work has finally paid off and you now hold in your hand the keys to your fortune in the form of an original invention. Something that people will want to buy that hasn't already been invented.

Better Do a Patent Search

Hold on just a minute there bud! How do you know that your invention is new? Remember, just because it isn't available on the market doesn't mean that it hasn't already been developed and patented.

Do Your Own Patent Search On line

This is where a patent attorney comes in. But hey! I thought this article was about doing your own patent search. Relax! It is and you can do it on line thanks to a a service that Google provides. It's not all that difficult to do.

The Next Phase Of Your Patent Search

However; be forewarned that this only gets you half way around the bases in your patent search. This means that just because you come up clear, doesn't necessarily mean that it is entirely so. What this means is that if you have a truly financially viable invention you will have to have a patent attorney do a more thorough patent search.

Things That Can Be Discovered During a Patent Search

Bear in mind that some component of your invention or process in making it may have already been patented. Also, just because your invention didn't clear your patent search doesn't men that it can't be altered to do so and a patent attorney would also be able to assist you in doing that.

The Sooner You Get Your Patent, the Sooner You Can Make Money

Even then, once you do clear a complete patent search you will need a patent attorney to help you to navigate the complex system of obtaining a patent. Remember, the sooner you obtain your patent, the sooner you can begin to market your invention.

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