Saturday, May 2, 2009

Elder Law - Over Regulation Making Elder Care Facilities Cry and Raise Cost

One of the fastest growing areas of law is elder law, and lawyers are scrambling to get in on the action. Do to public concern of care for America's aging populations, folks want to know that if they put their parents or grandparents under the care of someone that they will be cared for and not abused, cheated, or have items stolen from them. It is a serious issue indeed.

So, serious in fact, that many citizens and advocacy groups are calling for an overhaul of senior care regulations up and beyond what has been already implemented. Lawyers are lining up on both sides of the fence, as care facilities and companies need lawyers to protect them from lawsuits while family members and groups are looking to sue for abuse.

All this has a chilling effect on the industry with more disclosure, forms, and increased costs. These costs that are incurred including legal fees, training costs for new nurses and employees, as well as costs in complying will all the new regulation is obviously passed onto to the customers or families. This makes the families even more irate and calling for absolute perfection because they are paying an arm and leg for senior care.

These families want to insure they are getting the best care due to the incredible costs and when they suspect there is any little thing wrong, they are on the phone to a lawyer of social services agency to make a complaint, file a lawsuit, or ask about their rights and the rights of their loved ones. Needless to say we have a huge problem brewing in the elder care facilities, elder law sector, and regulatory bodies that are mandated to monitor it all. So, please consider this.

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