Thursday, December 31, 2009

What is an Employment Solicitor and What Does He Do?

Last week, one of my close relatives came to my father, with swollen eyes and vexed expressions on his face. He came to discuss a pressing issue. According to him, he was terminated from his job without any prior notice. He was worried not because he was fired from his job unduly but for the reason that whether he would be able to find a new one or not. In other words, he was, in fact, not aware of his legal rights as an employee.

It is not only the case of my relative but of many people who are altogether unapprised of their legal job rights; in case they do have an awareness of the violation of their rights, they might not know to whom they should consult, in case of the violation of their legal job rights? From where they can have the proper guidance about what should be done in such a situation?

The main purpose of this article is to introduce you to an employment solicitor, or in other terms, an employment lawyer, and to make the people, who are facing the violation of their job rights, aware of the existence of a professional who can lead them to the right direction.

As its name implies, an employment solicitor is a qualified and experienced professional, who not only deals with the employment issues lawfully but may also advise his clients in critical situations related to their jobs. Besides that, he also keeps an eye on the changing rules and regulations, concerning the employment law. In short, he is the one who is the expert of the employment law.

Not only in case of unfair dismissal, as that of my relative, but also in the cases of the breach of the job contract, in terms of tenure, salary etc., work timings, discrimination at workplace - disability, race or sex, harassment at work place - general, racial or sexual, being at the risk of redundancy, whistle blowing and raising ethical concerns inside or outside the organization. Besides that, anything which is or can be detrimental for the employee comes under the functions of an employment solicitor to deal with.

In short, if one has been victimized, sacked or harassed at the work place and is entitled to place a claim against his employer, it is the employment solicitor who can tell him about the legal specifications and procedures, according to the "Employment Rights Act", which is made by every government to secure the rights of the employees of her country.

In western countries, there are employment solicitor companies, which provide the assistance to their prospective clients in cases related to employment law. "British employment Law Advice" is an example of such a company. As far as the Eastern countries are concerned, there are only a few lawyers working in this specification. But, let us be optimistic that future brings positive changes in this field all around the world.

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