Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DUI and One Program That Is Saving Lives

DUI, driving while intoxicated, is a very bad idea. It can get a lot of people hurt. It can even get them killed. There a lot of prevention programs out there. One of them is called Every Fifteen Minutes.

The Every Fifteen Minutes program originated in Canada. The first Every Fifteen Minutes program took place in Chico. It was done by the Chico police department in 1995.

It was brought to the US, starting in Spokane, WA. The success of the program in preventing DUI among Junior and Seniors in high school has been good. It has spread throughout the United States.

This program is geared towards junior and senior high school students. It is usually planned to be done on or right before the week of prom or homecoming. Schools plan the summer before.

This program discusses many alcohol related dangers. The two the focus on the most are alcohol poisoning and drunk driving. They often involve several law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and real parents. The class doesn't just focus on avoiding a DUI traffic ticket, it saves lives.

Each school's version of the program is different, but the concept is the same. Two days are dedicated to the event. It then wraps up with an assembly that stresses the importance of staying sober in relation to the events the students have witnessed over the two days. The event order follows below.

On the morning of the first day, the student body is gathered outside, normally to the football field. There they witness a mock crash, complete with paramedics, police, and fire and rescue. The grim reaper shows up to take away the dead. The drunk driver is then arrested.

Every fifteen minutes thereafter, a student who is prior chosen is removed from the class. A police officer then informs the class that their classmate has been "killed" in an alcohol related incident. The students chosen for this program are picked in September of that year. In reality, students that are removed from the classroom spend the night doing non-alcoholic activities, and discussing the dangers of drinking and driving at a lock in.

The next day, students that were removed are returned to their classes. They are not allowed to speak during the day. Some schools elaborate by having the "dead" wear grave stone signs with their name and how they died printed on it.

At the end of the day, the student body is gathered for an assembly. This assembly wraps up the two day program. Police officers run it. They sometimes show horrifying crash sites in a slide show. These images are often graphic.

After the slide show, the program is turned over to the volunteers of the program. This includes the dead students, and their parents. They read testimonials about their experience in the event. Sometimes, the parents will read letters they have written to their dead children.

The Every Fifteen Minutes program is still being used today in a lot of schools. It has been heralded as innovative, and poignant. Some places even have their own variation of this program. The goal is still the same: the prevention of DUI driving while intoxicated and other alcohol related incidents

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