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Two Steps to Become a Notary Public

A notary public is a person that witnesses the signature of certain documents, makes sure the signers are who they say they are, and they administer oaths if needed. Though the qualifications for how to become a notary differ from state to state, the basics are about the same.

When learning how to become a notary in the United States you will find that it's relatively easy. Most people wanting to become a notary will only have to take a short class, pass a test, and undergo a complete background check. It is important to understand that the duties and responsibilities of a notary public are just to serve as an impartial witness; they are not allowed to give any legal advice, prepare any legal documents, or practice law.

Step One

The first step to becoming a notary public is filling out an application; this application will ask for your name, address, phone number, age, residency and any previous notary jobs you may have held in the past. The questions asked on these applications will vary from state to state but to find the exact information on how to become a notary for your state, you can go online.

Step Two

After the application is filled out you will have to pay a fee to the commissioning authority and then you will take an oath of office. Those are the basic steps when you want to learn how to become a notary but you also may be asked to pass a class to help you better understand your duties as a notary public.

State Specific Notary Public Requirements

You may also have to obtain a notary bond in order to become a notary public in your state. You can go online and visit to find out everything you need to know about becoming a notary in your state.

Many states do offer notary public classes that can help aspiring notaries get their commission. These classes can be very helpful for future notaries and can become an invaluable resource. It is recommended that you take these classes and take the exams offered before you take your notary position.

Some states require you to take a class, pass the exam, undergo a security check where your fingerprints will be obtained and scanned, and obtain a notary bond which usually costs around thirty five dollars. This process can take a very long time because you will have to wait for your test scores to come in the mail and for your background check to come back. You may even be required to purchase some notary supplies such as seals, stamps, and desk signs.

It is important to remember that all a notary can do is be a witness; they cannot practice law in any way, give legal advice, or make legal documents. Being a notary public is an important job and learning how to become a notary is very easy.

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