Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Big Business Starts Small

The story of America's economic success has been written by a combination of its political and social freedoms and the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that have led to the creation of many of the world's largest companies. But all of those companies began as the brainchild of an individual or group of friends and family who saw a place for their work to help the community in some way. Through a combination of planning, keen foresight, hard work, a valued service or product, and more than a stroke of good luck, the work of one person's imagination can become a hallmark of life generations later.

Certainly, anticipating such a sweeping success from the outset of your venture typically falls somewhere between a kind of overeager dreaming and positive motivation. But there is no harm in preparing your business for the possibility of eventual market dominance and expansive growth, and the failure to take the necessary steps can leave you at a considerable disadvantage if you are fortunate enough to experience faster than expected advances of your operations. Taking the time to address potential issues before they arise can save you time, money, and considerable frustration.

Small Business Concerns

There are countless books available on the subject of starting a small business and seeing it through the initial challenges that are likely to appear, but these are often written by individuals whose aim is to sell books an whose backgrounds may not have equipped them to offer such advice properly. Not only must you be wary of the information rendered in such texts, but the content is often contradictory from one book to the next and they are written in such a way that they address general concerns and skirt over the concrete legal issues surrounding specific businesses and the locales in which they operate.

Consulting with a skilled and experienced attorney can help you to ensure that you remain on the right side of the law as you begin cultivating your corporate empire. Some of the initial concerns of any small business should be:

* Attaining the appropriate licenses, permits, and other approvals for operations
* Ensuring that your hiring procedures are in compliance with the law
* Addressing all tax concerns
* Developing a business and marketing plan that is suited to your endeavor

Better Business Now

There are so many complicated issues pertaining to small business ownership that it would be difficult for an owner to remain on top of them all. That is where we come in. Contact the Des Moines business lawyers of LaMarca & Landry, P.C.

Joseph Devine

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