Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tax Season Starts For Immigrants

There are a million people who dreams day in and day out of immigrating to the United States. But trust me; this is just the easy part. Once you have legally immigrated to the United States then all the laws Federal laws would be applicable on you too like on any other American. You would be liable to pay all the applicable taxes which you are liable for, and some questions like the SSN, the ITIN, determining the alien tax status, and the taxation of the resident and the nonresident aliens would not take very long to steal away your sweet night sleep.

Mentioned here under are the answers to some of the questions mentioned above. Trust me these are just the starting. But eventually as you get used to these they would not be bothering you so much. So let's move to the first topic.

1. SSN Application - SSN or the Social Security Number is very important for a person living in the United States. Though we are not going to dig much in to it but let's just keep it limited to the fact that your eligibility to file for an SSN depends on whether or not the DHS has granted you permission to work in the United States.
2. ITIN - You can call the ITIN as a substitute for the SSN to some extent. In other words if you are required to file for the federal tax return and in case you do not have the SSN in that case you would require an Individual Taxpayer's Identification Number".
3. Determining Alien Tax Status - Chances are that the IRS guys would deem you to be a resident alien in the United States even if you are not a lawful permanent resident of the United States, or you do not hold a Green Card. A detailed peek in to the IRS would help you understand how the mechanism works and the status of your alien tax.
4. Taxation for the NR Aliens and the Resident aliens in the United States - Asfar as the taxation is concerned, for a typical non resident alien; they are just subjected to the income tax part only, to the extent of their income source only in the United States. However when we look in to the situation of a resident alien the story changes a lot. These people are subjected to the normal federal taxes as is done for any other United States citizen.

These are just the beginning and trust me there is a lot more than that meets the eye, related to the above mentioned topics. Thus your best bet for the above mentioned questions would be to dig in to the IRS. Or wait till we happen to talk about each one of these in details later.

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