Friday, December 4, 2009

Tips to Make Sure All Paperwork is Handled Correctly

For anyone who may have entered a country under not so clear circumstances, it is possible that an immigration attorney can help where court cases are involved. An immigration lawyer will be up to date with any new legislation and will be able to guide the person through what will probably be some very difficult times.

Of course not everyone enters the country in an odd way. Sometimes people enter with a holiday visa and then decide to stay on in the country after the expiry date. When this happens the professionals will know how to approach the problem and take care of any red tape that may come from this predicament.

There are cases where the person who has entered the country meets and marries a citizen of that country. When this occurs, it may not necessarily mean that they get a free pass to be in the country in question. Sometimes checks have to be made on their background, they also may have to sit and pass some language and knowledge tests and then apply for citizenship. If they don't want to give up their own citizenship then they will have to apply for permission to stay in the country with their marriage partner.

Children who are born to the couple in the same country automatically get the right to have a passport and citizenship so this may cause some weird legal battles where one or two members will have automatic rights while the others do not. It really is wise to work out any of the details beforehand.

Work permits too hold some kind of problems for most people. Getting them seems to be extremely difficult but the professional person will be well versed in what is needed to qualify for that very elusive green card. However, some people will start to work without the green card and this is where the problem really gets tough.

These migrant workers normally work 'under cover' so will only earn minimum wage or less. Thus, when it comes to trying to get their paperwork in order, they will have great difficulty getting funds together to fight for their right to stay in the country and work in a decent job that pays good wages.

The scenario that should be avoided is that where the illegal immigrant actually gets caught by the immigration service. This will bring all kinds of problems since the immigrant will be at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to fighting their case. In the eyes of the law, they are guilty and they know that they were in the country illegally. Although courts will try their best to work out the problem in a fair and just way, they are restricted by the law and they may have no alternative but to ban the immigrant from staying in the country. This can be devastating for all concerned so trying to work it out before it gets to this stage is probably the right thing to do.

Connor R. Sullivan recently contacted a Dallas immigration attorney to check that all of his company's hiring processes are legal. He hired a Dallas immigration lawyer to represent a foreign engineer seeking employment at his company.

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