Saturday, December 12, 2009

Employee Background Check - 2 Main Options to Choose

Employee background check is part of the procedures done prior to job placement to ensure that the applicant has clean records; this is essential in preserving the image of the company. In the past, this is done by employing the services of private investigators that will do the job of performing the investigation process; today, technological advances allow any individual to carry out the task with ease using the right tools that will show excellent results on the personal details of the person.

If you want to check the background of your employee and some job applicants for your business, then you have two main options to choose; one method requires you to personally visit one of the offices of the respective government agencies in charge of maintaining the comprehensive database of public records where you can make the request of your desired data.

Depending on the type of information that you want, you may need to visit several offices because in some States, the files are kept in different departments. In many instances, birth and death certificates are kept at the vital records office; while marriage, and divorce certificates can be requested at the respective court houses where they were filed. Criminal records, court cases, warrants of arrests, and felony charges can be obtained at the local police department and several offices of the clerk of courts where they usually maintain an archive of these data. Hence, prior to conducting this procedure, you have to first determine which data you are going to use so that you will know which among the offices to go.

The other method of performing employee background check is to use the services of several third party online companies with facilities that allow you to access their gigantic database of public records where the results are great in quality because it contains pertinent data relevant to your investigation. Additionally, this process is also convenient on your part because you can do it right in your own office, without going anywhere else; giving you a lot of savings in time, efforts, and cost of transportation. Moreover, this option is cost effective because your minimal investment of less than $50 per year can already give you unlimited searches on unlimited number of persons; hence, you can repeatedly conduct the procedure for as long as the need arise without additional costs on your end within the year.

Nevertheless, the two main options for your employee background check are laid; choose which one is best for your business.

Run your free public records search now to find records like birth and death, marriage and divorce filings, criminal law, county public records, phone number, address and more.

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