Monday, August 3, 2009

Tips For Beating Speeding Tickets

Here are some of the top tips for beating speeding tickets. Most never go through the process of trying to beat their speeding tickets. The truth is that its very possible to beat your speeding tickets. Guilty or innocent.

1. Ask Questions when the Officer is Giving You the Ticket - Don't be belligerent or rude about this but try to get as much information as you can before the hearing. If the officer responds negatively don't push any further. Questions to ask are how fast you were going, how he got your speed, where he was positioned and ask to see his certificate of calibration. Write this information down for later use. He does not have to answer these questions as that's what the courts are for but its worth the effort so you can prepare your defense.

2. Do Note Immediately Pay the Fine - This can be treated as an admission of guilt and will result in insurance rate increases.

3. Delay the Hearing - Do this as much as you can as it works in your favor. Many cases are thrown out do to the lengthy passage of time between the ticket and the final court appearance. As well the officer may forget the the incident by the time you have the hearing and this will give you grounds to have the case dismissed. You can even schedule an out of town trip on the date of the court appearance in order to use that as an excuse to delay it again. This is all legal just watch your ethics.

4. In Court Conduct - Show up to the hearing dress in a suit if you have it. If not look as presentable as possible. Though this should have nothing to do with it the reality is it does. Be polite to everyone in the courtroom. The judge or the prosecutor will not have any grace if you are rude. Last be confident in yourself. The judge will use this in how serious he takes you and weighing what you say against what the officer says.

5. Ask for Radar Calibration Certificate - The officers radar must be calibrated periodically, from 30 days to 3 months. In some jurisdictions if he does not have this with him you have grounds to dismiss the case.

6. Site Necessity of Safety - This can be successful but it is a tricky one. If the average speed of the traffic around you was greater then the speed limit then you can argue that going at that speed was the safest course of action. The problem with this defense is that you admit that you were going over the speed limit and the officer can argue that under such circumstances the fastest cars are usually stopped. If you have no other recourse take this defense. I taking this defense be confident in your stance. That will make all of the difference in the world.

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