Thursday, August 20, 2009

Law Firm Wins the Right Verdict in Online Marketing

The Web Success Team has just launched Krupnick and Chapman Law, a direct response website with an fresh new approach to the legal profession. The firm specializes exclusively in personal injury accidents involving automobiles, motorcycles and pedestrians. One of the principles, Neil Krupnick, told us his needs were three-fold:

1. Create an informative website that captured the essence of their practice and
2. Market it online to prospective new clients looking for a personal injury attorney or firm to represent their interests
3. Build his business online.

A Unique Branding Approach

First we wanted to move away from the starched intimidating look of the legal profession and selected colors, graphics and direct response copywriting that people could relate to and easily understand. Then we developed the content that addressed their concerns and answered many of their questions. We wanted the site to be informative and helpful, making people feel comfortable in reviewing the content in plain English, not a lot of legal jargon. We also positioned the firm as approachable and offering a no risk guarantee of "No Recovery, No Fee," along with a free consultation. We even created a page in Spanish and a contact name so they could fee comfortable discussing in their case in their native language. The website is also a helpful resource center for those wanting to know their rights in recovery and what to do in case of a personal injury accident.

Prospecting New Law Clients on the Internet

For marketing purposes, keywords were carefully selected and integrated into the website content. Then the website was fully optimized with this keyword rich copy for the search engines to spider and rank. Next phase two of the Solopreneur package was implemented: the off-page marketing of the website. Our marketing objectives were to gain maximum exposure throughout the Internet, target potential customers and drive them to their site. The continuing online marketing efforts are focused on local search, blogging, article marketing and social media network marketing. By spreading the client's name and website link throughout the Internet through the Web Success Team's proven online marketing efforts, the client will come up in Google and Yahoo local searches for personal injury attorneys in their geographic areas. We are confident that once we drive traffic to the website, the site will then strike the right balance for the visitor of finding experienced yet compassionate professionals looking after their best interests. By being helpful and not intimidating, and offering the clients cost free way know their rights, the prospective client will respond by contacting the firm for a complimentary consultation.

SPECIAL: Solopreneur Package - Jump Start Your Business

The Web Success Team specializes in building and marketing direct response websites that take full advantage of the latest developments on the Internet. We are offering a promotional package that will help your business become an effective marketing hub and give you significant exposure to your target customers. The Solopreneur Package includes a 5-page custom direct response website fully branded and optimized for Search Engines with 6-months of online marketing, social networking, blogging, article marketing and much more.

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