Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CFATS Battle Against Terrorism

CFATS regulations say in order to be prepared to secure equipment and Hazmat Chemical Facilities, they should keep in mind taking counter protection security measures to help fight terrorism. One way to do that is with an electronic Anti-Terrorist fuel and starter engine disable logic. Such a device can straightforwardly prevent theft of whatever it's attached to.

If a fuel and starter attachment is designed to bring to a standstill the engine from running, it can be a very effective anti-terrorist protection device. It needs to be a device that can be set within seconds and is needed to fit on semi-trucks, construction equipment, RV, farm equipment, towmotors, etc.

Otherwise, a business with hazmat material can fall into the wrong hands and could be used as a meathod of mass destruction. Part of your own chemical hazmat security preparation must use anti-theft products to deter theft of your equipment and supplies,

If you are apprehensive in this area your hazmat load of getting hi-jacked or otherwise stolen by a terrorist, at that time you must care for it. Within two seconds, the driver can type inside a code onto an electronic fuel shut down system and shut down the truck. The terrorist can then not go anywhere.

While having a GPS logic with the intention of tells you everywhere your vehicle might go if not disabled, the GPS system will not bring to a standstill the dangerous hazmat load or prevent the terrorist from the theft in the first place. Therefore, a physical anti-terrorist product is needed just like the Thiefs Nightmare product that can physically shut down the diesel engine quickly to protect any type of haz-mat load.

His terrorist plans of using your hazmat tanker load, barge hazmat load or other types of real heavy construction equipment as a weapon of mass destruction will be destroyed.

http://www.hazmat-protection.com by John Desrosiers, Managing Director

To find out more about these ThiefsNightmare products, visit the website or call. CFATS regulations require all Chemical Facilities to have a site security plan in place to prevent terrorist attacks. Your company can uitilize these TN products to protect all types of construction equipment, towmotors, semi-trucks and semi-trailers from being used as a weapon of mass destruction.

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