Monday, August 3, 2009

Bailiffs - Who Are They and How Can They Affect Your Life?

Bailiffs refer to people with legal authority to collect debts on behalf of creditors. They are normally categorized into three, certificated, county court and the private. They are different and have more powers than debt collectors since they are court officials and, can take your assets. However, they have different powers depending on each category.

A notice is normally sent 14 days before the due day of their visit to collect your possession. You should take an immediate action since there is some fee charged for the bailiffs thereby increasing your bills. During this time, you can go to court and apply for the suspension of the warrant and request to make payment on affordable amounts. This authorized people have no right to break into your premises and if they do, take an immediate action.

However, they can enter your house through unlocked door or window. Once they are inside, they can search anywhere within the rooms and collect all valuable goods. They are however not supposed to collect basic household assets such as clothes, bedding, utensils and items used for work for instance, the computers. They have the right to take things like your car, TV and the DVD players. Since they normally sell goods at a low price, they could take almost all your assets and still not clear the bills. Your case will deteriorate as you will be left more poorer, frustrated and still with some bills to pay off.

Once the bailiffs have entered your house, you can sign a walking possession agreement. This means that, if you fail to make payment at the agreed time or miss an amounts, they will come and take all the goods they had listed. You do not have to let those people into your house and, the only way you can do this is by making sure all the doors and windows are tightly closed. The rules regarding this people are very complicated and you should therefore pay your bills in time to avoid such incidents from happening.

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