Thursday, August 20, 2009

Making Your Final Decision on a Nursing Home

You have had all your questions answered. You think you have found the right nursing home. What do you need to do next?

The first step is to not rush into any decision (and do not allow others to rush you either). Take your time. This is not an easy decision and is not one that should be made lightly.

Do you really need a nursing home? Can you stay in your own home with help from someone on an occasional basis?

Would I be better served to go to an assisted living facility? (An assisted living facility is a place where four or more adults live together. This is in a non-medical facility but provides you with 24 hour supervision if needed.)

After reviewing all your options, you have decided on a nursing home. Okay, now only sign the documents after you have read them thoroughly. If you do not understand any part of these documents, ask questions (and/or review them with your lawyer). Do not allow yourself to be pressured into signing anything. Time will only make a right decision even better. Haste makes a bad decision even worse.

Realize that once you move into the nursing home that you still have rights.

Your rights include:

* A right to complain about any issue (event, procedure, or condition) to the State Division of Nursing Home Monitoring.
* The right to care that is not based on color, race, religion, or source of payment.
* A right to confidentiality of your medical records.
* A right to receive a copy of your medical records (these may cost a "reasonable" fee).
* A right to privacy and respect
* A right to refuse treatment (medical or otherwise).
* A right to receive unopened mail on the same day that it is received
* A right to examine your bill
* A right to know who is caring for you
* A right to be involved in your own care.
* A right to reasonable visiting hours.
* A right to appropriate and adequate pain control/management.
* In the event that my condition should become terminal - I can receive visits from my family 24 hours a day.

Okay, you have made your decision and moved in. Great. You know your rights. Super.

Now realize that you can change your mind. At one time moving to a nursing home meant a life sentence. No more. You can change your mind.

You can move back to your home. If you feel that is what you want - discuss it with your family, friends, and health care providers. Listen to them. You may not have considered all of your options. Staying where you are may be a good decision. Think before you move.

Home may be the right place, but is it the right time to be home? Would waiting till your ability to walk improves (after your hip replacement surgery) change the situation? Would waiting for the snow and ice to melt help?

Make no decision in haste. Good decisions only become better with time.

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