Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speed Control Vital in Preventing Car Accidents

Anybody who drives a car would say that driving gives them a wonderful feeling, a different kind of freedom while on the road. This great feeling can be experienced when one is driving on a wide highway with only a few or no other vehicles in sight. What happens next is that the driver gets tempted to speed up some more.

Some drivers are just not contented by driving on a regular speed. This is true for people who are even in their normal physical condition and for those under the influence of alcohol who are already less capable of making the right decisions while driving. To them, speeding up is more satisfying as they get to their destination faster without understanding the consequences. Drivers caught over-speeding need to pay fines and driving too fast can lead to accidents.

Those who drive sometimes they forget the dangers that over-speeding can bring to them, their vehicles as well as to other people and properties. When a car moves very fast and then the next situation requires a sudden change of pace, it can be hard to control the vehicle. And this is what often leads to crashes.

Over-speeding has long been among the top causes of car accidents in many countries around the globe. It has also caused some of the most severe car collisions that lead to serious physical injuries and even deaths of drivers or their passengers. Fatal injuries that result from high speed crashes involve the brain, spinal cord, back, neck and extremities. According to the Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System (PEDSAFE), speeding makes up more than 30 percent of fatal vehicle crashes each year.

Statistics on car accidents in the United States show that the common places where collisions occur are the highways and freeways. Car mishaps that take place on these sites are normally caused by speeding vehicles. Other than crashes, rollovers can also result from fast driving. This can happen when a vehicle turns turtle or turns on its side after a collision or a sudden turn.

Drivers need to be aware of the speed limits on the areas where they're traveling. In the U.S., speed limits differ from one state to another. Generally, the federal government has imposed a maximum speed limit of 55 mph on freeways. However, the limit is higher on rural interstate highways at 65 mph in about 40 states. In speed zone areas, vehicles are required to strictly follow the 30-35 mph limit. In California, a Basic Speed Law is in place which means that drivers should be cautious of the weather, traffic and road conditions in determining their speed.

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