Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Have You Been Arrested and Charged With a DUI?

Have you been arrested and charged with a DUI? No doubt you have a lot of questions. The PA DUI arrest process is certainly overwhelming. You have little chance to make sense of what's happening to you, much less ask questions.

During the PA DUI arrest process, it may feel like you have little recourse - like the arrest is a cut-and-dried procedure. The police officer is not your advocate in this process, and certainly isn't likely to reassure you to any degree. You have a lot of questions and you have lots of options. When you discuss your case with an attorney at DUI law offices in Erie, you'll find that the picture doesn't have to be as bleak as you first thought.

First, you will have a suspension of your driving privileges. The amount of time for the suspension will vary depending on your level of blood-alcohol or whether this is your first offense or not. In some cases, you attorney can argue that you receive a PA occupational limited license, which allows you to continue your driving privileges to and from work.

Your attorney can also advise you on the possibility of alcohol treatment counseling, reducing the fines or possible jail time. The attorney in the DUI law offices in Erie will evaluate your case. He or she will carefully examine the PA DUI arrest process to see if there was a valid reason for the initial traffic stop and examine whether the arrest procedures were accurately followed.

The attorney will also examine all the evidence gathered at the time of the arrest and evaluate whether the testing procedures were done correctly, that the equipment was functioning properly, and that the results were accurate. All of this information will weigh heavily in the ability to argue your case against the prosecution.

Even if the arrest holds up under scrutiny, there's a real possibility that the attorney from the DUI law offices in Erie will manage to minimize the charges against you. One of the benefits of arguing your cases is that the attorney may be able to ensure that you receive a PA occupational limited license. This can be a significant factor for your case. Can you manage to get to your job if you don't have a car? The PA occupational limited license will allow you to continue your employment, without the hassle of finding some other transportation to work.

After successfully defending yourself against DUI charges, you'll be able to get your life back on track and put this instance behind you.

Grant C. Travis is a member of the Erie County and PA Bar Associations. Attorney Travis is admitted to practice in all Pennsylvania Courts and the U.S District Court, western District of Pennsylvania. He is an experienced Pennsylvania DUI attorney who has defended 1,000's of PA DUI Cases. http://www.pa-dui-defender.com. The DUI Defense Group has offices in Erie, Edinboro and Warren, PA and focus on DUI defense in Erie County.

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