Friday, March 5, 2010

The Legal Aspects Of Getting Married In Thailand

As part of our visa service to America, our firm represents clients with regard to the legal aspects of getting married in Thailand.

The following is an outline of the services provided by our firm with regard to a legal Thailand marriage:

1. Before the Thai government allows a citizen of a foreign country to marry a Thai citizen they must be provided with proof that the foreigner is free to marry. Proof that is acceptable to the Thai government must be obtained from the foreign citizen's Embassy. The American Citizens Services Section of the American Embassy in Bangkok provides American Citizens with a notarized and stamped "Affirmation of Freedom to Marry"

To obtain an "Affirmation of Freedom to Marry" there is one form that must be completed for persons who have not been previously married and two forms for persons who have been previously married.

Our firm prepares these forms and escorts our clients to the American Citizens Service Section of the American Embassy.

The process of obtaining the "Affirmation of Freedom to Marry" can take 30-60 minutes and varies with the Embassy's work load on any given day.

The Embassy charges a fee of 1200 baht for the first document and 800 baht for the second document if required. Cash and credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

2. Our firm will translate the English documents we obtained from the American Embassy into the Thai language for presentation to the Thai government. The translations are certified by a licensed translator.

3. Our staff will take you, and the translated documents, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization Division. The Legalization Division will verify the authenticity of your signatures and the Embassy Seal. The translations of the documents will be analyzed for accuracy and certified correct. Our staff will represent you thru this process and complete the necessary forms. Standard processing time is three days, however our firm will complete it for you in one hour.

4. Our staff will take you and your fiancee to the district office with a portfolio of all documents required by the Thai government for the legal marriage. Our staff will present you and your fiancee' along with all documentation to the government officials. The legal marriage is registered and both parties are presented with an original certificate of marriage.

For more information about getting married in Thailand. Our firm provide visa service to America from Thailand.
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