Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dangers of DIY Wills

It can often be tempting to save a few pounds and indeed sometimes that saving can pay off. In all areas of life and business there will always be bargains and claims of being cheaper or easier. It is simply the society we live in.

With some of the bargains being genuinely good offers and working well there are also those bargains that do not live up to expectations sometimes costing us a lot more in the future.

We all know this because at some time we have all bought something that seemed cheap only to realise that it ended up costing us a lot more.

This is a very similar situation with Wills. Many people are lured into cheap deals on Internet web sites offering "Online Wills" or DIY will kits available from stationary shops or even supermarkets!

Many people also think that Solicitors lose money if people make their own Wills - however nothing could be further from the truth!

Sometimes DIY Will kits or Will forms will do the job but more often than not they are ambiguous, not executed properly, and do not adequately protect the assets for the loved ones who are left.

As you can imagine problems associated with DIY Wills take a lot longer to sort out and eat up the estate with legal fees and solicitors charges compared to the deceased having used the services of a professional estate planner in the first place.

Planning your estate and ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of is up there with breathing in terms of importance. Doing it the professional way ensures that your family are secure and their needs are provided for.

Making a Will any other way could leave you more money in the short term but unfortunately that is all it can do.

James Winsoar and Michael Edwards are National Team Leaders with the Will Writers Network. For more details visit

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