Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Banqueting Chairs How For Seating Guests In Comfort

Banqueting chairs is the title given for seating that is suitable for banquets, catered events, short term rental seating, church and restaurant chairs and other similar usage. Chairs should be comfortable enough that guests won\'t feel like squirming through the entire event. They must also stand up to the wear and tear of frequent use with a wide range in the degree of activities.

Rental chairs are often very generic. They can be made of molded plastic so that they can easily be stacked. Other stackable chairs are somewhat customized and may have padded cushions in various colors. Where size is a consideration, the chairs that can be stacked may prove to be the best option. If your group or organization finds itself renting chairs frequently, a purchase may be an economical venture.

Hotels and resorts that function as conference centers have multiple meeting rooms in most instances. They will store chairs that can be easily set up and taken down, depending upon the nature of intended use. Conference center chairs tend to be customized to some extent so that they match the decor of the hotel in color and style. Regardless of the style, the chairs usually feature fabrics that can easily be cleaned and maintained.

Chairs useful for group seating are generally purchased in darker colors so that any soil or spills will be less likely to destroy the usefulness. Upholstered chairs may be dark in color or in patterned designs so that soil and wear is not so obvious. A room with seating in upholstered chairs is likely to have less ambient noise that plastic or metal chairs.

Top quality seating with upholstered seats are sometimes recovered when the signs of wear become too obvious. Chair legs are another feature of the chairs that must be considered. Without wheels or glider pads on the base of chair legs, they can result in floor or carpet wear. On the other hand, being unable to move a chair up to or away from a table can be frustrating for guests.

The frame of the chair can be available in almost any size, color, material or design. Wood frames are popular in upscale designs that feature upholstery. Wooden chairs without the benefit of padding or upholstery may be less comfortable than padded styles, but reflect excellent taste and design sense.

Chair legs might be made of metal. This type of chair is suitable for heavy wear locations. They can be easily cleaned, but are somewhat heavier than chairs made of plastic. Chairs in an outdoor location must be made of materials that are unlikely to rust or be otherwise damaged by dampness or sun.

Banqueting chairs that are rented must be more utilitarian in most instances. These pieces of furniture not only have the usage during a banquet or other gathering, they have the wear and tear of getting them to and from the banquet site. For those responsible for setting up and tearing down banquet facilities, lightweight and easily cleaned furniture is preferred.

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