Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Great Online Tool to Find Obituary Records

Obituaries are often considered a vital part in someone's search to find the background of someone they're inquiring about. While it is not necessarily a requirement that a person have an obituary written for them when they pass away, it is very customary and typically covers similar content as the death record. Unfortunately, trying to find a person's obituary record is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. But with the right information, you can easily find out more information than you ever thought possible...

Two parts of a typical obituary are the biographic data of the person themselves. This part is where you can learn about what the person's profession was, what their hobbies were, who their friends were, their accomplishments, and many more things about the person you simply wouldn't learn from a visit to the local probate office. You may even find out something about another person or place which leads you to follow up in tracking that person down as well.

A death record is similar, but different in many ways. To begin, a death record is an official record of the person's death. It is what a family member will use to prove the person is, in fact, dead, in addition to many other uses. It will contain such information as the person's full legal name, their date and place of birth, their final address, who their surviving kin were on the moment of their death. Much of this information can be used to further find a person whom you may be interested in performing a follow-up search in order to get the full picture.

Up until now, these records have existed in very different places. The death records are usually kept by the local courthouse and are kept on file so that anybody can come in and request access to the files and finish up the research. There is no full federal organization or place that keeps all of the national death records, so if you were to search throughout the US, you'd have to visit every locality you were interested in before considering it a thorough search.

The obituary records can be typically found in the local newspaper. However, which paper that the obituary was printed in is typically the biggest sticking point that researchers come across when looking to simply find more information on a person's life and their death. Luckily, there is a solution that exists and you can actually search both death and obituary records all at once, and naturally as well!

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