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The Hope of Prison

Yang is in prison; like many not only around him but all over the world who are being made by society to pay for a crime; some of which in fact they did commit, some perhaps they did not but to a certain point it is not of real consequence weather they did or did not, for what be is that theirs has become one to serve a term. One could always even argue if in fact it is worse to be in prison when one is innocent of the crime one was convicted of; for reasons being that one neither allowed oneself the freedom of breaking the law nor benefited from it yet was asked to pay for what one never obtained. To some however it might seem that if a person is innocent, it may be the conscious which should be allowed to rest at greater freedom, since it is not burdened with having committed what have gone against the rules of society yet perhaps this be of little consequence other then which be academic. Of course from the point of what be practical this may also have the advantage of the truth eventually emerging and the person in question being freed, in some cases with financial compensation yet neither in Yang's case would be possible. This given how the Chinese system did not allow such as well as Yang's will which indicated that such it never be; for he in fact unlike most prisoners was their of his own desire; for he had willed the sentence handed down to him.

With regards to Yang's innocence; this perhaps would not be such an uncomplicated matter to ascertain in spite of his being from a technical point of view innocent of the crime he was not only being accused of but had gone as far as to confess to. This being the crime of corruption, along with speculation which under Chinese law could be severely punished, sometimes even with the death penalty; depending on the gravity. In all this matter which like most issues concerning the law was not only complicated but full of nuances it however would be hard to say that he was completely without guilt; for he perhaps in greed or desire to help his family had covered up for the crime of others by taking blame on to himself for their deeds.

Yang is now in prison; his life being very little in difference to that of any other man whom the state has deemed a criminal yet he contemplates back to those days when he was a man on the rise in one of China's many private companies; for it is in the past that he finds hope of redemption for the future. This being not only the time but place where he made his decision to accept the blame; not only for actions he had not committed but had had very little if any knowledge of at the time they were being perpetrated.

Yang's memory being so vivid that to him it was as if he were constantly reliving the scene which changed his entire life; from being an employee in a large company in charge of many and much to a man more then willing to take the fall for the deeds of others. Naturally, he being in a position of some authority was not completely unaware that there were transactions going about by those in authority which would be questioned by the Chinese government yet at the time it was not a matter which concerned him. As he for the most part dedicated himself to fulfilling his duties to the best of his perhaps limited ability while modestly working hard to achieve a better future for his family as well as himself.

Personality wise perhaps given his very unassuming persona; it could be said that he was a man who for the most part was liked by those underneath him as well as his superiors who on many an occasion had even mentioned promoting him. Some feeling he would be a good man to work with while others simply of the notion he would be easy to manipulate; given his docile nature which clearly manifested itself in just about everything that concerned him, from his kind face to his body which could not be described as imposing any more then anything else about him.

It was so clear to him almost as if he were trying to preserve that image intact in his mind; as if he held some faith attached to it that it would protect him in his current situation yet in a contradictory sense it was that which sent him to prison as well as what he lived for. The memory was stunning of himself being asked to the office of the man who served as president of the company in which he had been serving for over 10 years; he naturally doing as had been requested of him, at first even believing it was a promotion which awaited him, only to find out he was about to be made an offer which in reality would require him to confess to a crime which did not involve him in the very least.

It being something; which he understood though it had not been directly stated given the culture of those who were in charge, to be vague, almost in an attempt to lend doubt to what they claimed; as if fearing it could be later turned against them. Yang, for his part had always been one to obey rules, regardless of weather he agreed with them or not, he also being one who did not always concur with what was past down from his superiors. This setting his mind against accepting the offer he was being made for his false confession yet it was at one point that his ears ceased to hear what was being said; as words he had never expected came his way. He would have at his disposal in a Swiss bank the sum of two million dollars, if he simply took blame on to himself for several crimes and kept silent about the truth; which could cost those who perpetrated it a lot more then merely a monetary loss.

Naturally as could be expected with such an offer it would require him to take full blame to a crime that with some leniency on the part of the judge would see him spend twenty years in prison if not the rest of his life. This of course in a country where the death sentence had been handed out for similar crimes yet merci was expected given how he would of his own free will admit his crime with only the soul of one who remorse had imposed upon him to do so.

Yang in all his limitations however did not require it to be told to him that once the offer was accepted the possibility of going back would be lost to him; as death was certain to come at the hands of those whose blame he was placing on his shoulders, for they could do no less if it came to light what theirs had been. Yang for his own never did regret accepting false culpability if expect for the part where he would be separated from his family for the amount of time his stay in prison lasted and perhaps just as much the other factor.

It being in the manner in which it was made abundantly clear to him that none must be any of the wiser regarding the truth, this especially concerning his own family; who above all had to be convinced his was guilt or at least might be. All of which placing those he in fact did love in the disgrace of most of society, as it was with scorn that they came to be seen by those who at one time had taken model from them in what success in modern China had come to mean. As for Yang it was not so much a case of him having lost the love or even respect of his family yet of him having been dragged down from the image of leader to one whose mistakes were to be avoided which caused him arguably the most harm, for he if any man lived for a positive opinion in the eyes of his family.

Yang however could always seek comfort in the knowledge; as he spent part of the years of his life in prison that once it ended all would become clear, that his had been but love for his family and desire to improve their lot which led to his declaring himself guilty. This the case since the amount he had been promised was to him as enormous as Mount Everest to an ant; for in all sincerity his would have been to labor for more years then any human could ever hope to live just to earn but a fraction of his pay off. How it had even seemed unreal to him when he heard this amount aimed at his persona, for he on more then one occasion had been exposed to sums of a similar nature yet had come to consider them as that which would never be but his to talk about with intensions never to posses.

Life in prison was hard, even more so then he could have imagined yet in all there was the hope which kept him from sliding in to despair; that of some day leaving the place which held him captive to not only the huge sum of money which awaited him in a Swiss bank but his loved ones. Of course days were long as were years and it was at times that he even doubted any of it had actually happened or weather this money would actually be waiting for him, since it would be a simple matter for those who had made the offer to withdraw it yet its hope kept him alive with the spirit of those who dream of being on the outside. All in a situation similar to those who jumped out of a plane with nothing but the desperate need for their parachute to open, for if it were other theirs would be to perish as to a large extent would he, this given how much of his life had been lost by his confession.

Yang, all in all was a man who was well liked by those he served time with; them looking upon him as one who at least had taken steps in life toward success, not only via his education which he shared with those less fortunate then himself but his ways of refinement which allowed them to see the finer side of the world. All of which leading to his being able to count on the friendship of many, some of whom he had formed bonds with that were sure to last long after his prison days were numbered.

In conclusion one might say that Yang was an innocent man, or at least of what he had confessed to yet in this story that was the life of this man matters were not of such simplicity for he in all truth was covering up the deeds of others for profit. It being this which allowed him the most unrest for how could he in earnest claim to be completely in innocence if his actions had aided criminals make what could be called a clean escape. Was he a man, who would get the sympathy of others if he let on what his actions had been? It was matters like this that his mind tended to avoid; for if one issue was certain he had given in to the sort of greed he had always condemned in others even if inspired by the love he held for his family.

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