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Tackling the K1 Fiance Visa G-325A - What is it and What Does it Mean to Me?

For anyone that is planning to meet their fiance only one time as required by law, then you will want to take the G-325A form with you and also have your fiance take four passport style pictures. The G-325A is a background form that your fiance will help you fill out. It is also mandatory that she provide her signature. The four passport style pictures taken will get attached to the G-325A. Your fiance can go to any photo shop and have these pictures taken. In the Ukraine you can find this kind photo service on almost every street corner. When you start to apply for the Fiance visa, you will notice how simple it can be to get the services required to prepare your fiance's visa documents. The K1 fiance visa process is big business in these countries.

If you planning to meet your fiance more than once, then there is no need to take the G-325A with you until you are ready to submit the application. It is better to prepare your documents closer to the time of submittal. Many of the visa documents within the K1 packet are dated and will expire if you take too long to send them in.

The G-325A is an important form. It give the USCIS details on the background of your fiance. Here are a few of the inquiries from this supporting visa document. It will ask:

1) Family's surname, gender, birth date and nationality.
2) Information about the fiance's father and mother.
3) Information on any former husbands or wives.
4) The applicant's last five years of residence.
5) Any addresses other than the ones listed.
6) Applicants employment history.
7) Information about the applicant in their own native alphabet.

This is just one of the forms that is mandatory for all submitted K1 Fiance Visas.

A side from this form there is the I-129 and I-130. These forms are also very important but go after a different objective. Where the G-325A is more biometric, these other forms are more procedural. They go into detail about the financial side of the relationship, the emotional side of the relationship and the foreign fiance's history with the USA. Putting all these documents together in one packet tells a very unique story to the USCIS.

Now it is important to remember to have your fiance sign the G-325A. This is the only form that will need her actual signature. The rest of the forms will only require her information. Where you can easily ask her over the phone or through email for data contained in these other forms, the G-325A does not lend itself to this kind of flexibility. if you forget to have her sign it, then it will have to be placed in the mail and expressed over to her and then back to you.

The cost for expressing something from the USA to Ukraine or Russia is about $30.00, but for her to send it back to you express is about $70.00. As you can see, forgetting to get her to sign the document will be costly.

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