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Criminal History Records - Checking the Criminal History of People You Don't Trust

A person can have plenty of reasons why they would want to check another person's criminal history records. They probably feel uncomfortable or suspicious about the person's actions or behavior or maybe they just want to be cautious. Most employers usually mandate background searches on people as well. They want make sure that the person they are going to hire will not compromise any of their company's values and security. These US public records are accessible to almost every individual. Once you run a background search on a person's criminal history records, you will get a huge amount of information about that individual's crime history.

State Laws

These criminal records are mandated by the government as public records and can be accessed by any individual at any time. However, some states require that you can only access these records once you have asked the individual's permission.

Where to Find These Repositories

You have two alternatives on how you can gain access to criminal history records.

1. Traditional Access. If you do it traditionally, you need to head down to your government office and ask for a copy of these public records. You can also request for it over the phone or fax if you like. The only downside to doing this is that it might take some time for you to get the results. You need to remember that you won't be the only one requesting for such public records and it can take awhile for them to get to your request.

2. Online Paid Services. The other alternative is to do your background search over the Internet. When you do it online, you can get results almost instantly and you can easily print the report right then and there, all within the convenience of your own home. Although most of these sites require a fee for you to get the complete detailed reports, some sites offer these services free of charge.

Information You Need

These criminal public records sites are easy to use. You will only need at least some basic information so that you can access the criminal history report of a person. You will need the full legal name of the person, the birth date, and the social security number if possible. This helps you narrow down your choices to a specific individual especially if they happen to have a common name when you're searching through their criminal history report.

Run your free public records search now to find records like birth and death, marriage and divorce filings, criminal law, county public records, phone number, address and more.

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