Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Free Criminal Court Records - Finding Free Criminal Records Online

People have different reasons why they would want access to free criminal court records. If you are looking to hire a person to work for your company or maybe someone who will watch over your children or a housekeeper, then you might want to access these US public records and find out about their criminal background. You can get these reports through government offices or you can check these public records online to make it easier. These kinds of background search can help you make a more educated decision about the person that you are intending to hire. You can even do these criminal record checks on almost anybody that you might become or are personally involved with, helping you eliminate any doubts or maybe become more cautious around the person.

Where to Find Them

If you want to do it traditionally, you can visit your local government office and ask for a copy. Most of the time, these public records might require some time to be pulled up, which means that you have to wait and chances are you won't be the only one requesting for these documents. On the other hand, you can also request for these public records through the Internet. Numerous websites offer you access to their comprehensive criminal databases so that you can conduct your background search. However, most of these sites would require a certain fee before they supply you with the complete information you need. Nevertheless, the payment is a small price to pay as opposed to receiving the convenience and ease of getting these documents at the comfort of your home.

What You Will Need

When you search through these US public records, you need to have at least some basic information about the person you want to conduct the search about. Most of the time, you need to have the complete legal name of the person, including the birth date and even the social security number in order to access these free criminal court records. Other people might have clean criminal records while others may have stumbled a few times. You can find the details about their crimes and whether they where incarcerated or not. There are three types of crimes. There is the infraction, which not so serious, a misdemeanor, which is punishable by jail time and a fine, and a felony, which is punishable by incarceration. You can find all of this information about a person if you access a free criminal court records database.

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