Friday, March 13, 2009

Becoming an American Citizen

Becoming an American citizen is no longer easy. Just 10 or 20 years ago, crossing the border was easy and obtaining citizenship in the United States by filling out the proper forms was simple. But immigration laws have become more strict, however, and the procedure for becoming a citizen of the United States is more often than not necessary to hire an American immigration attorney. They will help you, not only will they help you to be able to gain entry into the United States without much hardship. They will also assist in the effort to avoid any pitfalls that might hinder the process along as you are applying for citizenship.

An easier method of becoming a citizen in the US is to wed citizen of it. This doesn't ensure, that it will be easy to gain citizenship of America without any problems. What it does say, is that if you marry this person for some reason besides becoming an American citizen, you will be given a chance to apply for citizenship. Along with that, a large amount of forms will be provided that you must fill out being either their fiance before marriage or as their spouse after you're married.

A number of the regulations that are required in order to become a United States citizen will be handled by the American immigration attorney for you. This is excellent for those who do not speak English or cannot speak it as a native tongue as a few of the regulations can be long and wordy in nature. They will ensure that you are compliant with the laws and and that you have your forms filled out properly and shipped to the right offices. This will ensure that you will pass through this process with the least amount of problems necessary.

If you initially met your fiance in a different country and you seek entry to the States in order to get married there are certain forms that you will need to fill out. An American immigration attorney will guide you in filling them out and the regulations that shows if your marriage will be accepted by the United States for the purpose of citizenship. Some reasons for why they may not be accepted is because you knew your fiance for too short a time, you did not get married within 90 days of entering the country because then it would be illegal for the two of you to get married according to the laws in the United States.

If you desire the process to go off without a hitch, hiring an American immigration attorney can benefit you in many ways. As well as knowing all of the details of immigration in the States, they have done the forms that you must fill out many different times. If the forms are filled out right and sent to the right people then they will easily go through the process. If you opt to fill them out all by yourself and they are filled out wrong, there will much delay in gaining citizenship.

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