Saturday, March 14, 2009

It is Unbelievable News That Immigrants Have Found the Only Way to Find Jobs in This Economy

Google, Intel, Yahoo and PayPal, what do the all have in common?

That they are famous global brands.
Well they certainly are but that is not my point.

That they are the industry leaders in the Information Age and Internet Revolution we have been in the last 15 years.
I think we all agree these are the names we think of to answer when a statement like this is made but again is not what I was alluding too.

That they employ tens of thousands of people in the US and additional tens of thousands globally.
Well we are getting warmer but we are not quite there yet.

That in addition to those they employ in the US and around the world, they are responsible for hundreds of thousands and probably millions of jobs because of their existence.
This stems from the marketing agencies who directly rely on their services to the hardware manufacturers who use their components to the businesses whose marketing departments focus on these channels to the businesses who use these services to process their own good and service transactions.

Then all the people employed both directly by these companies and indirectly as described above spend their hard earned salary on restaurants, retail, travel, laundry, rent, banking services, etc. which allows these industries to employ ever more people.

So just by their mere existence as mentioned millions are in work around the globe. However actually while we are getting close to my ultimate point we are not quite there yet.

That they were founded by Immigrants who if some had their way in today's climate would be deported back to their country of birth had they been just making their way in the world now on a humble work visa.
Well this is the point I was getting too. How many potential Sergei Brins (co-founder of Google) and Jerry Yangs (co-founder of Yahoo) are out there today on an H-1B visa, E-3 visa or some other US work visa or permit who because of short-sighted policy, bigotry and distortion of the facts by the government and the media could the US be losing?

As mentioned this could be potentially costing millions of jobs in the US alone.

There is new study out by Vivek Wadhwa explaining how skilled immigrants are leaving the US for better opportunities overseas and back in their homelands of India, China, Europe, etc. Basically the reasons they were coming to the US by themselves and with their families for a better life, more freedom, better pay, higher quality standard of living is actually not the case anymore.

In short the US is not the land of opportunity anymore!

According to the study by the end of 2006, more than a million skilled professionals (engineers, scientists, and doctors among others) as well as their families were in line for a yearly allotment of only 120,000 permanent residency visas. The wait time for some people ran longer than a decade. In the meantime, these workers were trapped in "immigration limbo." If they changed jobs or even took a promotion, they risked being pushed to the back of the permanent residency queue. They predicted that skilled foreign workers would increasingly get fed up and return to countries like India and China where the economies were booming.

The report found the average age was about 30 for Indians who returned home, and 33 for Chinese that returned to their home. These people were highly educated, with degrees in management, technology and science. Fifty-one percent of the Chinese people held master's degrees and 41% had PhDs. Sixty-six percent of the Indian people held a master's and 12.1% had PhDs. They were at very top of the educational distribution for these highly educated immigrant groups and precisely the kind of people who make the greatest contribution to the U.S. economy and to business and job growth.

Additionally despite the fact that immigrants constitute only 12% of the U.S. population,they have started 52% of Silicon Valley's technology companies and also contributed to more than 25% of the US global patents. They make up about 24% of the U.S. science and engineering workforce holding bachelor's degrees and 47% of science and engineering workers who have PhDs.

The study's facts would almost be a joke compared to the stuff you hear out of politicians and the mass media if they weren't so compelling and serious.

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