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How to Document Your Life With Your Foreign Fiance Under the Rules of the K1 Visa

A huge decision to make in your life is to meet your foreign fiance. It means that you have made a big decision to not only pursue a relationship with her, but have also made the decision to commit yourself fully to her. Now document everything and anything that can provide proof of the relationship. The documentation process will help prove the relationship is on-going. Being able to prove your on-going relationship means providing written documented evidence of the relationship.

Is there a rhyme or reason to what kind of supporting visa documents you need to keep? The answer is "Yes". Keep all your boarding passes from your plane trips, phone logs, and Internet emails, receipts while in the Ukraine or Russia. Put together a folder with sections. Use the folder sections to create sections unique trip identifiers. I just named my folders sections by trip location and date. You get the idea. This will make it easier to date your progression and define a timeline for the on-going relationship.

Taking pictures is very important and the best way to provide proof that your relationship is active. It is almost impossible to try and send in your K1 Visa application without these kind of pictures. So take your camera along and snap as many pictures as possible.

Don't forget your camera, because you are going to need to capture a few places of interest that really show where you were. When I was visiting my fiance/wife, I would find government buildings or parks that we could take a picture in front of together. And since my camera had a date and time feature built in, I would turn it on to really solidify the moment.

While abroad if you have a chance to meet her family, then take a group picture together. This is the best kind of picture you can take. It shows undeniable proof that an on-going relationship is in progress.

Should you start documenting from the first start of communication with your potential fiance? My answer to this question is "NO". Why would you start to document a relationship that has no substance yet? How do you even know you will want to meet her. I would start the documentation of the relationship after making the decision to meet your special someone for the very first time. Once you make that decision, then you are ready to start your documentation.

Is there any particular documentation you should keep? The answer to this question is "YES". Keep documents like emails, boarding passes, Ukrainian/Russian retail receipts, receipts from site seeing tours, phone logs, receipts from money sent to her, receipt for the engagement ring and anything else that has to do with showing proof of a relationship. When it comes to showing proof, the more the better. You want the officer not to doubt your love for your foreign fiance. From the first moments of opening the application, the officer should be overwhelmed with your proof of the on-going relationship.

A romantic experience is not what you will find when you start the K1 Fiance Visa Process. It does not lend itself to the emotional or sensitive levels of a relationship. What it does do is ensure an on-going relationship and homeland security. Support each other through this process and keep focused on the goal of marriage. That will be enough to get you both through this non romantic process.

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