Monday, September 28, 2009

Where Do You Turn For Help After A Dui?

Now that you've been arrested for driving under the influence, you only have a short period of time before you'll go before a judge. Finding a Seattle DUI attorney quickly is of the utmost importance. However, there are some things you must do before hiring just any attorney. Your case depends on many of these concerns.

Before hiring a Washington DUI attorney, meet with them first to discuss what happened to you. This is something you will want to do since most attorneys won't charge you a fee for an initial visit. Meeting face to face with a Seattle DUI lawyer is beneficial for both you and them. Since you want to work with someone you feel comfortable with, a meeting should help determine this. It also helps your Seattle DUI lawyer decide if they are comfortable with your case.

You want an attorney with DUI expertise and experience. In order to determine this, create a list of questions before your meeting. A few questions you may want to inquire about are discussed below.

The first question to ask is what percentage of cases you handle involve DUI charges or impaired drivers. Also important to keep in mind is retaining a Seattle DUI attorney who practices law in the state you were charged.

Next, inquire about their charges and fee structure. Ask what the max amount you may be responsible for as well as how much you have to pay upfront. You'll see many DUI attorneys charge a flat fee, which you are charged whether or not your case goes to trial. Some work on an hourly fee and others use staggered fee structures breaking down amounts into phases. A staggered fee works as a flat fee up until trial, with another fee if your case goes to trial.

Also inquire about what costs you will be responsible for besides attorney fees. This would include court costs and filing fees, for example.

Lastly, ask your Washington DUI attorney if they will be personally handling your case or is there another primary lawyer in the firm who you will be working with. This is an important fact to know. Many people have found it frustrating when the lawyer they consulted with wasn’t the lawyer who handled their DUI case.

These are only just a few of questions you’ll likely want to ask before deciding which Seattle DUI attorney you want to hire.

By: Violet Ebert

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