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Know Facts About Minnesota Dwi Lawyer

Driving on the roads of Minnesota demands extra concern. This is because the DWI laws in Minnesota are quite complex and carries some grave penalties regarding the driver’s license and criminal activities. This is why it is important that you have an expert Minnesota DWI Lawyer who knows all the pros and cons of the DWI laws of the state.

According to the DWI laws of Minnesota, a person will come under the charge of the DWI if he or she is driving the car under the influence of alcohol. That means that the alcohol must be affecting their ability to drive the car properly. The rule is similar when you are taking in marijuana.

But, in reality, a person comes within the charge whenever there is any amount of certain substances is traced in the blood of the person. Thus, a person would violate the DWI rules even if there is any amount of the crack, opium, cocaine, heroin, meth or any other type of street drugs in the person’s body. That means, there is no need that the person comes within the influence of the agent. The mere presence of them in the body will issue a charge of violation of DWI laws.

According to the Minnesota DWI laws, the driver comes within the influence of alcohol if he or she is driving a car with a concentration of alcohol amounting more than .08. Thus, it is illegal if you are driving a car with an alcohol concentration of .08. In fact, you will be guilty if the concentration is found after 2 hours of driving.

There are three ways through which the alcohol levels are measured; they are the breath tests, urine tests and blood tests. All of these methods have different rules, procedures and applications. At the same time, there are different legal requirements to make them admissible to the court. However, when you are looking for the Minnesota DWI attorney, you have to ensure that the person is well acquainted with these rules and nitty-gritty of testing.

In fact, the alcohol concentration matters a lot in deciding over the charges against the driver. Thus, if the test yields an alcohol concentration more than .20 or more, you will come under the charge of the gross misdemeanor crime. Here, it does not matter whether you have violated the rules for the first time. This is of course a serious charge and this may carry executed jail time as well. At the same time, this can double the revocation time of the drivers’ license of the person.

However, if you refuse to be subjected to any of the tests, a charge for gross misdemeanor crime will be automatically inferred on you. However, if you have three or more charges against you, it will be a felony DWI. So, it is very important that you win the refusal case. But, this is very difficult.

This is why you should take the help of the Caplan Law Firm. They have expert Minneapolis DWI lawyers who know all the tricks to win the tricky legal battles. They also offer free consultancy to help you get a glimpse of their standard.

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