Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Top 5 Things to Learn For Foreigners When Living & Working in the US

The US is most probably the most despised and criticized nation on Earth, millions of foreigners want to live and the work in the US and will pursue sometimes any means necessary to make that dream come true.

A lot of the hate towards America is irrational and a result of mis-information and the general jealousy.

Simultaneously much of the longing of foreigners is also based on myths as well and it is this today we will cover by revealing for you something which Immigration Lawyers, Employers, Government and Brochures will never mention to you

These are some of the realities of living and working in the US which may shock you and be very different and lacking compared to what you are used to in your homeland

1. Is an extremely difficult country for a foreigner to obtain employment due to the immigration system in most cases requiring a job offer prior to entering the country (also very difficult to change employers)

2. Is an extremely costly procedure for companies to sponsor visas and more often pay expensive legal fees

3. US education costs are the highest in the world and the access to US student loans and/or scholarships is extremely limited

4. US social programs like social security, healthcare, unemployment welfare, etc. are in almost all circumstances not accessible to the foreign worker or student although the worker must still pay these taxes.

5. Foreign students for the most part are legally not allowed to work while studying except occasionally for on campus work, special permission for other work and the OPT program

I have not talked about areas like personal freedoms, cost of living, quality of life, access to activities, US travel costs, etc. as this is all relative to an individual's expectation and to the country or region they may be comparing it too.

The US can be an unforgiving place as there is more of a focus on individual responsibilities and freedoms so not as friendly as an immigrant (and even for locals) when you fall on hard times.

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