Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to File a Trademark

Follow these simple steps to File a Trademark:

1. Perform a thorough Trademark Search & Evaluation. Start by using the Internet.

2. Perform Market Research on the Internet.

3. Gather detailed contact information of the owners or the entity filing (state of incorporation) to be listed on the trademark application

4. Find a patent attorney. Be sure to interview 5-10 attorneys before making a final decision.

5. Schedule a meeting with your patent attorney (or teleconference)

6. Make copies of all documents (TS and Mkt./RS)

7. Bring samples of your product/service

8. Bring a sample of the mark in use. If a graphic, provide an electronic copy of the mark in JPEG format without any use of the 'TM' symbol

9. Provide a goods and services definition of the product/services you plan to market

10. Provide dates of first use (use anywhere and use across state lines)

11. If your trademark is currently in use provide a specimen such as advertising, brochures, leaflets, labels, packaging, or web pages showing the mark in use.

Agenda for meeting with your patent attorney

1. Provide an overview of your mark and the product/service identified by the mark and determine whether Intent to use or Use application

2. Discuss each word used to define your product/service offering for relevance (preliminary goods/services definition)

3. Confirm what the mark consists of either text or graphic or a combination

4. Assign tasks and dates of completion

Decide whether you are proceeding with an engagement agreement with your patent attorney.

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  1. However, as an unpaid vendor, a shipper may have indirect responsibility from the standpoint of a U.S. exporter (shipper) of product. You have simply to reverse the concepts discussed to view the situation from the standpoint of a U. S. importer (purchaser).


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