Saturday, September 26, 2009

Facts You Should Know Before Choosing A Law Firm

Whichever law firm you choose, you will find out that all your transactions will be covered by Attorney Client Privileged Communication. All Panama lawyers are bound by this law. The lawyer or the firm is legally bound and they cannot disclose anything about their dealings with the client to a third party. But there are always exceptions. The lawyer can only reveal about his transactions with the client to a third party if he or she is authorized by the client to do so. A Panama court can also make an expectation.

Before the lawyer joins a firm, he will have to go through background checks which are especially done by the government. His or her degree will be checked. The lawyers have certain obligations towards their clients. Before you buy trusts and corporations from web-based companies, you should do a background check. Contacting a lawyer is a must. Unless you know about the company in details, it is better not to make any transactions. You will be disclosing all your personal information to the company. It is always better to take precautions. Panama lawyers will suggest that one should not be deceived with firms which have numerous accounts in different countries. They have no credibility. Although they will boast a number of jurisdictions, you will find out that they are a bunch of unregulated offshore corporations with no legal bindings.

There might be a third party who will attack the attorney client privilege. He or she will claim that the attorney has conspired with you in some illegal transactions including tax violations, or fraud. If the allegation is made in a non-privacy country, then the attorney client privilege will be broken. It is better to hire Panama lawyers, because you will find that it is better to use a law firm in the same jurisdiction where you have your corporation, bank and foundation. If you are looking for good lawyers in Panama, there is one law firm which can help you. This is known as Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman. They specialize in a number of areas. Apart from Panama, offices of this law firm are located in British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Dubai, Bahamas and Switzerland.

Founders Juan Lombardi and Carlos Icaza A. are pioneers in their respective fields and they have contributed in the legal field of the country. Juan Lombardi has worked as the magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice and also the Superior Court Judge. He has also worked as the Chief Justice for Supreme Court. He is known as one of the first few promoters of Panama Bar Association. As for Carlos Icaza, he has served as the alternate judge of the Supreme Court of Justice from 1926 to 1928 in Panama. He has also served as a Minister of Public Works. So when you are looking for good Panama attorneys, you can unhesitatingly call Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman.

By: Gabriella Harris

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