Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What to Do When You're in a Road Accident

When you've been in a road accident, it is normal to panic and feel completely paranoid, not knowing what to do and where to go. At such times you can hardly be expected to think of anything other than ensuring you and other with you are safe and sound. The thought of making a road accident injury claim is nowhere on your mind. However, it would be quite helpful, if you did develop the foresight to think about this. In an accident that is not your fault and is bound to cost you dearly, a personal injury claim is your saving grace. Here are a few things you can do immediately after the accident that can help you while making a claim:

1. Ensure you call the police. A police record and statements made by officers carry a lot of weight in the court of law. Also officers present at the time of the scene will be able to identify better who was responsible.
2. Take down the driver's name, address and contact details. If it's a hit and run, take down the license number or at least remember the make and model of the car or try and remember what the driver looked like
3. Take a picture of the crime scene. This may sound ridiculous, but later you will realize that a cell phone with camera is a really good investment, after all.
4. Even if you have no camera on you at that time, return with one after the accident is over. Take shots of the crime scene. Often tyre-tracks, skid marks, broken glass and other damages can serve as evidence in court and can help prove your claim's validity.
5. Remember to take down names and numbers of witnesses. Contact them later for testifying or statements
6. Visiting a doctor is a must, not only to ensure your own safety, but also for the record and statement that the doctor will provide you. Ensure that your doctor has a clean background and that he provides you with a written record of the injuries you've sustained and copies of bills too.
7. Take the advice of a specific personal injury claim solicitor or law firm. You will find many on the internet. Make sure you consult someone who works on the no win, no fee basis.
8. After the accident, keep any correspondence or bills that relate to your accident. Medical bills, leave records, other financial records are very handy in arriving at the amount of compensation.

At, we understand the complications and uniqueness of each road accident claim, and thus provide you with resources that are unique to your claim, in order to help you get maximum car accident compensation.

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