Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Criminal Records - The Easiest and Best Way to Get a Hold of Criminal Records For Free

Free criminal records can be obtained, but there are some things you need to give in exchange for it. The exchange for getting something free is giving your time, for example spending tons of time searching online. The exchange for paying for something like criminal records is that you can do it instantly without spending any time.

If you want criminal records for free you will need to dig and dig through your county and state records. Usually on many of the government sites or the sites that end in .gov they will have some form of search function for court cases or inmate data. What you need to do is perform an intensive search of the government sites and try phrases such as "court records" or "criminal records." Sometimes you may land on the winner while other times you will be led to a page stating that you have to physically go down to the records department. Once there you will need to fill out a form saying you have permission from the person you are inquiring about to get their records. Also, most of the time you will have to pay to get the information as well. I believe they may bill it as a processing fee, although it is free information, but I am unsure.

It is possible to get free criminal records but you may find yourself digging and digging for hours and some times days until you find what you need. And even if you find it you may have to physically go down and retrieve the information and have your information on file as saying that you were asking for them. The best alternative to get these records and stay anonymous is to pay the few dollars online to get access to national databases. The safety of your family is well worth the few bucks. Exchange a few dollars for their safety or be prepared to spend at least a few hours or days researching online.

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