Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Overview of Immigration

Immigration laws vary from country to country and also change according to the political changes in that country. Immigration law refers to the national government's policy with regard to immigration to their country. So if you are planning to visit or settle into any other country, it would be advisable that you check out the immigration laws in that country.

Today the number of international migrants is estimated to cross over 200 million people. Hence this law is of utmost importance for people in any country. Nearly 80% of such migration is attributed to financial aspirations - the pursuit of financial independence and happiness. These immigrants take a huge risk crossing boundaries and seas in search of a better life. Immigration laws are aimed at protecting such immigrants to help find a lawful place in the society where they live.

Immigration laws are nothing but the practices that are associated with immigration into that country. These practices vary quite widely because each country has a different perspective on immigration. These laws have been made more stringent in the wake of terrorism. Yet these laws only help peaceful immigration in proper ways. These laws are reflected in the country's foreign policy. Immigration laws are enacted by the legislative body of the country. Usually a department of immigration is set up to ensure that all legal procedures are abided by.

You need to ensure the authenticity of the information you collect with regard to immigration laws. This is because such laws are revised regularly as per the prevailing social and economic conditions in that country. These laws are too complex for a layman to understand. This is why the consulate offers free counseling services for immigrants. You can also get professional help to aid you with the procedures involved.

Some countries even have designed laws to help naturalization in due course. This helps immigrants to acquire citizenship in the country and get the same legal rights. Immigration laws help the immigrants understand their legal duties and rights during their stay in the country. It helps him to understand the eligibility of his immigration. One needs to satisfy all requirements of the immigration law to get a lawful entry into the country.

When you plan to move to another country, the first thing you need to check out on is its immigration law and speak with an immigration attorney or immigration Attorney. While some countries allow immigration, some don't. Also such laws are simple in some countries while in others they are quite stringent. Normally three kinds of immigrations are allowed in any country. These may be via employment, through business and finally through a blood relative staying in that country.

As per the statistics of U.N., nearly 50% of the immigration is illegal or undocumented. On the other hand, the trend of immigration is on rise around the globe. As companies shed their global barriers, people tend to travel from one country to another on a regular basis. By abiding to such laws, one can ensure that his every such visit is legal and proper.

Marc Dean is a freelance writer. He has done significant research on immigration law and visas, and recommends seeking out a immigration lawyer.

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