Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Harassment You Don't Have to Take

It is common to butt heads with one or two of your fellow employees or boss. It is highly unlikely you will form a tight friendship with every person in your workplace. However, a bad working environment can make even the best of jobs unbearable, and certain scenarios step outside the lines of tolerable and unworkable.

NBC's hit television series, "The Office," depicts a comedic outlook on a group of employees that withstand the crudeness, cruelty, and outlandish actions from their boss. He could easily be defined as highly inappropriate and unprofessional. 'Comedic outlook' is the key phrase. Realistically, if similar scenarios were carried out in a real-life office, there would be sexual harassment suits, unfair termination and discrimination violations, and unpunished, retaliation efforts. These are serious matters seen in a humorous light. However, these particular scenarios are nothing to laugh about in an actual workplace.

Imagine if you went to work every day in fear. Moreover, imagine if the people you are supposed to be able to turn to are the ones you fear. What do you do then? The scenarios listed above only give examples of which actions can occur in the workplace, and does not show or emphasize the level of emotional stress an employee will endure.

In regards to work, some people find themselves on the tip of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you are making excellent money and have outstanding benefits, and the security of financially surviving is competent. Yet, at the same time, you are being sexually harassed each day and the working environment is agonizing. Therefore, you feel your only options are to quit, and dive in to the world of unemployment, or endure the brutality of your boss and co-workers that make the workplace hostile and nearly unbearable.

Let it be known: your options are not limited to quitting or putting up with a bad workplace.
It is incredibly sad that these are believed to be the only 2 options. Furthermore, it is worse these types of behaviors are still occurring in a professional workplace. Unfortunately, they are occurring, and it is far past time we put an end to it, permanently.

Most people cringe when they hear the word 'lawyer.' The idea of bringing a lawyer in to a situation seems messy and unnecessary. However, you have to ask yourself, "How important is my happiness, and my overall self-worth?"

There are certain attorney's who specialize in employment law. Their entire careers rest on handling cases that pertain to those described above. They are fighting to put an end to all types of harassment in a professional environment. Help put a stop to employee malcontent. End the war between employees.


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