Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is There Any International Copyright Law?

Since decades it has been a topic of concern regarding the law for international copyright law. But to disclose the amazement, there is no international copyright law. No international copyright law exists that will guard your work in the other parts of the world. Nevertheless, there are specific set of rules offered by different countries which provide security to the foreign works.

Various measures have been taken by worldwide gatherings and pacts to defend proprietors of copyrights in the entire region of the world. Several nations including United States have gathered mutually to find out a standardized copyright law. This law would safeguard their copyright proprietors from filing copyrights separately in different countries.

It is recommended that before working for a foreign country, first always search and determine the manner of security it offers to foreign writers or sources. A number of nations extend little or no security to foreign authors. When working for a foreign nation, try to search and take help from a qualified on foreign copyright law.

All nations have their particular rules and regulations of conceding and defending copyright works. Few nations do not provide any rational possessions privileges whereas various nations provide additional copyright securities.

Hence people who possess copyright works should keep in mind that there are diverse copyright laws in few countries. Despite the fact that the United States has contracted pacts with other countries, but it doesn't assure that your work will remain in other states. Contact a lawyer who is expert in international copyright law to get detailed information on international copyright laws.

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