Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Understanding Background Checks

Background check is what everybody nowadays seems to be interested in, be it employer wishing to make an informed hiring decision, potential employee, who wants to see if the company he/she is seeking a position with has no history of playing unfairly with its workers, a landlord who is anxious to be sure potential renter has no eviction history, or whoever else. The term "background check" can be understood very differently depending on its many connotations.

Anyway, what in fact background check is normally about?

If we have a look at Wikipedia, then a background check or background investigation is referred to as the "process of looking up public records, commercial records and financial records about a person", meaning to get the info allowing to form either positive or negative image of the subject.

Most frequently in this sense of the word background check is a process or an action normally resorted to when someone applies for a job. Background check is, as a rule, mandatory for persons who apply for a position requiring high security standards or a position of trust like at school, hospital, bank, airport, in law enforcement, etc.

In the past times criminal background check was normally requested from the police, but now it is most often being ordered as a service from a private information broker business. Information requested in most cases includes past employment, credit worthiness, and due diligence history.

Background checks are important because they allow to be better informed about potential risks of getting involved with a person (or business). However, if you run a background check without having a written consent of the person for doing so, this action may trigger legal accusation of improper discrimination, identity theft, and violation of privacy. We intend to elaborate on the violation of privacy in our researches to follow.

The types of background check you might be interested to have detailed information about include:

• Employment References
• Education and Credentials Verification
• Gaps in employment history
• Credit History - bankruptcies
• Identity and Address Verification
• Criminal History Report

C. Dyson is a contributing writer for an online private investigators directory. Also he teaches people the techniques of running their own free background check on ANYONE using free to access public records with a recently added special section dedicated to Texas background checks.

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